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OUR rail plan for NSW

We all know that, heading into the NSW state election on Saturday, transport should be a concern for voters. For those who have good services, they should be concerned about future proofing them, for those with poor services, lobbying to get them, or keep what is left, and for those on train lines all over…

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Careful, she bites

“Fiona!!!” Another day, another ruckus. A kid is melting down, taking the class and teachers with him. Strength in numbers, separating some kids, shuffling those around that can deal with it. Some one on one time with whoever is available. I hold the girl’s hand in the playground. Not letting her go, not near the…

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So, how does a non-mum review items given to her cos she hangs around with the Mummy bloggers??

She, of course, passes them onto her sister and her kids. As you can see, Ez LOVES the spoon and sippy cup I think I got in the grab bag from the Digital Parents Conference. And the whole family gets great use out of the air fryer I reviewed yonks ago. My sister has even…

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Yes, I’m the Devil’s Advocate. Girly Lego makes me want to raise a child without a disclosed gender

Today I went to the Bloggers Brunch. targeted at Mummy Bloggers, I still went along, to schmooze with the companies and to see what was what in te blogosphere for parents. I nabbed the above products for my efforts. Oh and a glass off wine. And fruit. While my fave goodies of the day were…

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