So, because my brain seems to have seized up now that I’m on uni break and I can barely string together a sentence after 4pm, I bring you some pics of my nephew. :D Because he’s cute. And likes his pegs. And smiles when you point a camera at him. Even mid-cry. awww.

(Dainty. Just before he shoved half of it in)




Mm Bucket.


Liam, eating my Semolina Porridge. He liked it more than me.

Caught up with my sister and nephew, and my parents at The Kitchen cafe on Darby Street Cooks Hill when we were up. After Jennie lugging the stroller upstairs (my dad had told them that we needed a place for the stroller when he booked, but they didn’t note it down, otherwise a downstairs table would have been organised and appreciated), we got to choosing our foods.

The Kitchen Darby St
The Semolina Porridge that Liam and I ended up sharing. Wasn’t a good choice on my behalf, was hoping for more fruit. But Liam scoffed down more than me, so it wasn’t wasted!

Swans Supporter Liam
My not-so-itty-bitty Nephew. 7 months old. He is a Swans Supporter, by default. It’s possible he actually hates them, as he gets the Swans Bib so dirty!

Week 378

  1. Hell :: froze over
  2. Scott :: Great
  3. Dominion :: I just got a little confused and though ?domain?
  4. Stunt :: car
  5. Cougar :: Bourbon
  6. Columbia :: British
  7. Gasp :: Breath
  8. Cancerous :: Lump
  9. Bitty :: Itty bitty
  10. Quit :: smoking
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