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Seaview Malaysian, Redhead

Gluten Free Sponge from Slice of Life. Yum! A family birthday dinner in a Malaysian Chinese Restaurant in the suburb of Redhead. Seaview Malaysian was able to adjust our meals so all dishes were gluten free, and boy we were stuffed by the end of it! Prawn Toast (not GF) Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup…

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Mamak, Chinatown Sydney

Roti!!!! Catching up with a friend after a few months, we went to Mamak in Chinatown for some inexpensive delights. This lime drink went down well Unfortunately, I couldn’t handle the head of my Nasi Goreng *sadface* so we boxed it up for a friend. Nasi Goreng Mik, though, enjoyed his vegetarian curry and roti!…

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