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Next time.

I went to a wedding yesterday. In a church. A Baptist church. Yes, I spent six hours in a Baptist church yesterday. And only made one highly offensive joke. (involving Jesus’s urine and white wine) I was pretty restrained. I like parts of weddings. I like that people like to celebrate that they love each…

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How many blankets do you need to hand out to the homeless to make up for the gay teenage boy who kills himself because of such social attitudes?

Awoke to the news that the Salvation Army were copping it in the media for reinforcing its stance that homosexuality is an unnatural urge that needs to be suppressed. Anna Brown, convener of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, said the charity had also opposed gay marriage at a House of Representatives inquiry. “Actively…

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Coffee, marriage equality, politics and religion: Why we should step up the Gloria Jeans boycott

A few years ago many members of the Atheist community and the general population started boycotting Gloria Jeans due to their financial support of Mercy Ministries, who ran/run gay conversion programs…. I just read a post on in which the author has accessed the political donation details for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) for…

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