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Dr. Marty Klein and I are like *this* – 14 good ways to observe Pornography Awareness week

Ignore the lies and mutterings about porn, let’s get an open discussion going. You should read this post and consider some of his suggestions: * If you use porn, talk about it with your partner. * Thank the clerk in your local convenience store for carrying porn magazines or DVDs. * Thank your local hotel…

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Only I could manage to look like I’m wearing horns by sitting in front of an Xmas tree

Xmas 2000. A lovely weekend with Rish down to visit. Walks through the Botanic gardens, yum cha this morning, a 14 hour sleep, and loads of C Coconut Water. I think Rish got through half of these in two days :) And Week 456 of Mutterings: Inhibitions :: loss of Sprint :: race You ::…

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