Want to see the oldest record of littlelioness.net?? My first blog post here?? Or some old webcam pics?? Or birthday cards from all over the world??

(from the days of subdomains. pre-littlelioness.net)

Yes, 10 years. This domain was registered back on September 11, 2002.


Yes, the archives have been long deleted from back then ;)

So, you’re really here to win stuff, right?

Well then…. Leave a comment on this post wishing me a happy blogiversary and let me know which of these prizes you’d love to win and why!. Then fill out the Rafflecopter and you could win:

Three Day Juice Cleanse from Urban Remedy worth $195

Urban Remedy has generously offered a free Three Day Juice Cleanse from their new Spring menu! You can choose the level you get. I loved the juices and soups in the Level 3 Winter menu, and and can only imagine that the new menu (juices and smoothies only) is perfect for the Spring/Summer season.

Check out Urban Remedy on Facebook and over on Twitter @urban_remedy

Four Hours PR services (for bloggers/brands) from Blogger Communications

Blogger Communications is a PR agency started by a blogger for bloggers.
On offer is four hours of public relations services, such as advice on media releases, media lists, relationship management, issues planning, branding and positioning.
For further information go to www.bloggercommunications.com.au or Twitter @bloggercomms.

$90 Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies Hamper

Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies have offered up a huge selection of their sweet and savoury packet mixes! These are awesome – I’ve tried bunch of them, and LOVE the brownies, risotto cakes, and the lemon curd delights, and have had them enjoyed by those who DON’T need gluten free :)

Allergy Riders Pack
Allergy Riders is a fun and simple food labelling system, and for allergy sufferers it’s bringing the life back into parties. Using brightly coloured cupcake baking cups and food flags, Allergy Riders takes the stress out negotiating a food buffet. Guests who have allergies can simply choose food with the appropriate coloured flag or cake cup, and enjoy!
Amy from Allergy Riders has offered up two prize packs containing both Allergy Flags and Baking Cups in Gluten Free :)

Two awesome necklaces from Shana Logic!!

I spend way too much money at Shana Logic, and many of my selfies see my modelling an item or three from the store. As I type this, I’m wearing this skirt and this necklace! The gorgeous Shana has offered the Mod Pod Brand Necklace and the Vintage Glass Flowers Necklace for one lucky winner!!! :)

A @ Twitter Handle Necklace, thanks to Rocketman Media

Thanks to Rocketman Media win this personalised necklace! Wear your twitter name with pride :)

Twinings Tea Tins
Like your tea traditional? The Twinings Gift Shop will give one winner three tins of loose leaf tea in the traditional styles of English Breakfast, Early Grey and Lady Grey. Where’s my teapot?

Moo Mini Cards

Who doesn’t love Mini Moo Cards? Even amongst bloggers, I still get smiles of delight at their cute size :) Thanks to moo.com, I get to give one lucky reader their own personalised set of 200

Two Four-packs of Soul Virgins (Three to win)
Curious to try these non-alcoholic versions of your favourite drinks? I know I’ll need something like this on hand once the summer parties start up again!

Mushycat Buttons
Mushycat rawks! For your awesomeness needs in one-inch buttons to proclaim that cuddles keep you sane or that you’re one of those atheists mum warned you about, hit up Ken :) Mushycat has offered 15 buttons of your choice to one lucky reader! xx

Kawaii Not
Yay! Kawaii Not will send a cute, but “not”, package of something awesome to one reader! Includes coffee badges, and a KAWAII ring!

kawaii not


Muesli Mixer
Like breakfast YOUR way? Would you like to build your own muesli? Muesli Mixer are giving away a $20 voucher to one of you so you can create the breakfast YOU want, without having to pick out that pesky whatever from the muesli!

Sussan Bangle
Two lucky readers will with awesome bangles from Sussan.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!! Closes September 22! xxx Aussie addresses only, sorry! Bonus entries for liking the companies on facebook and twitter, and for sharing this contest far and wide on twitter!

Banner for linky-love :)



Brookfarm Gluten Free

Brookfarm sent me a bundle of their gluten free products to try :)

Brookfarm Gluten Free
The muesli was nice, but unlike most GF mueslis didn’t leave me full for long. It’s not a Brookfarm thing, maybe I should have bulked it out with proteineriffic yoghurt? Tasted yum though :)


The trail mixes were cool and interesting… white choc in one, dark in another, chocless in the third… though 3 serves in a pack was a bit hard to stick to rationing :p

Brookfarm Gluten Free Muesli Bar

My faves in the bundle would HAVE to have been the muesli bars – but I’m a sucker for cranberries and for macadmias! These will make it into my trolley – good to have in the uni bag for library munching!

How about you? Do you have a ‘thing’ for macadamias too?

After Rish actually dragging me to get out of bed (after I tried to sleep past my alarm) I got to the gym this morning, and feel good after that start to the day.


A sweaty hour on the cross trainer/stepper thing… The heart rate monitor wasn’t picked up on this one. Disappointing! I’ve stolen Rish’s chest strap, which gets picked up by the machines to make me push myself! :D

Soy latte from the Purple Pickle at ANU

Next stop, a soy latte from the Purple Pickle.

Moose energy boost muesli

The home for breakfast – Energy Boost muesli from Moose General Store. So much yummy fruit and nuts! I might have preferred more oats and less bran straws, but I’m sure they’re good for me ;)

Moose Wheat free granola
(The Wheat Free Granola from Moose. Lotsa nuts, no fruit, and sweet! A nice little treat… Think I had it for afternoon tea on Monday :p)

Hopefully this will all set me up for a nice productive day!

Gluten Free Muesli4Me sample

A week or so ago I received a sample of the new Gluten Free base from Muesli4Me mixed with a couple of my new awesome in my breakfast fruits – cranberries and figs, as I’d asked them if they were going to put out a GF base given the amount of people that have to have gluten free… such a market for them.

The Gluten Free base contains puffed millet, puffed rice, rice bran, sunflower seeds and roast buckwheat “for a delicious nutty flavor”. I should have had it with yoghurt (which I didn’t… ) which would have prevented the eeep it’s going to go soggy! issue. It tasted nice, just had to adjust the liquids accordingly with the puffs.

I also got to try their Go Crunchy base, which they list as “sweet and crunchy made from oats, almonds, pepitas, coconut, milk, sugar and vegetable oil” which it certainly tasted like! It’s a complete cereal in itself, though I’m sure the addition of your fave dried fruit would give you an added bonus… It would probably a sometimes breakfast food for me… delicious, but the sweetness induced guilt ;)

Muesli4me samples

Goji Berry Antioxidant Mix

After an initial delivery mishap where the contents of the Goji Berry Antioxidant Mix were out of their container and my macadamialicious was swimming in it, I’ve now tried two mixes from mixmymuesli… yes another custom muesli company!

The Goji Berry Antioxidant Mix is a yummy sweet-tangy start to the day, with goji berries, cranberries and sultanas giving a sugar buzz…

Custom-mixed “macadmialicious”

I probably wouldn’t get macadamias again, they’re great for the mouthful they’re in, but for the rest of it, you have the rely on the other things… I think the slivered almonds might provide better nut value ratios!

The other morning I mixed the two together and got a better ratio of fruit to base for me than what’s in the Goji mix – too much dried fruit in the morning! meep!

I’ll point out the $1.99 flat delivery rate on the website and send you on your merry way :)


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