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Glitters from Fox & Owl Polish

On my left hand, I have Mmm, Cupcakes with a Rimmel white (London Clouds) for the base. On my right, is Starship, with the same Rimmel white base. On the weekend, I was also interspersing with Pretty Evil over a quick-dry 60-second Rimmel in Midnight Rendezvous Really helped my sauerkraut making! And my Xmas bling!

Support the “Little Guy” this Xmas – some awesome online stores in Australia!

I’ve seen to above image going around again – calling for us to support our local artisans this Xmas. So I thought I’d put together a list of some awesome Aussie online stores to buy handmade wares from for your friends, family and for that Secret Santa giftee! Soaps and lip balms, from Veronica Foale…

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