over the knee


#jeansfreephona Day 2  sock cafe thigh highs
Ears and sushi necklace from Shanalogic, Knee highs from Sock Cafe at Myer, Dress from Esprit and top from Threadless :)

Went grocery shopping for the bbq tomorrow with Mum. Lots of sausages, salad, chips and nibbles. We’re set (apparently there are cupcakes galore at my sister’s place!)

Now to do the vege bake… who let me cut a pumpkin unsupervised?

ps I’m nearly at $600 raised for the Steve Waugh foundation for my birthday! Yay! Care to donate? xx

may2012 193

It’s a real thing.

PS, it’s 2 months until my 30th Birthday and in place of gifts, I’m asking that people flick a small donation towards the Steve Waugh Foundation. I’m hoping to raise $1000, so if anyone who was thinking about sending me a card donated $5 instead, it would help boost my total. You can always send ecards. They’re just as appreciated! :)



(over the knee socks. perfect with a knee length dress)

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