I know that I’d only had pad thai from here once, but didn’t realise it was so long ago, until Foursquare told me upon checking in that I hadn’t been to Mae Moon Thai since August! Fortunately, having new friends in town who hadn’t ventured to the LandoftheHursts before meant I could head there again and try more things :)

Mae Moon Thai Penshurst

I had to start off with fishcakes, to my guests curiousity. These were thinner than I’m used t but still flavourful :)

Mae Moon Thai Penshurst

Some Tom Kha Gai for the other starter. Spicy!

Mae Moon Thai Penshurst

Then for the mains. Penang Chicken :) nom!

Mae Moon Thai Penshurst

Mega serve of Pad Thai

Mae Moon Thai Penshurst

Crispy Pork – the spice was all in the greens!

Mmm Thai is so my go-to!

Fiona 353

A change of owners, a new colour scheme, and now opening in time for the morning coffee run, I had to give Cafe 41 on Penshurst St a shot :)

Fiona 355

After a few teething problems the first week or so (quite slow compared to the smooth efficiency of Short Black up the road, a girl who had no idea how to calculate change) they’re getting there.

Fiona 361

And being the only source for Toby’s Estate coffee this side of the railway line, the people were willing to give them a chance :p

Fiona 357

They also are cheaper than the others on the street still, so as long as they keep up with the speed a girl needs her coffee in the morning, they will survive the cut-throat Penshurst coffee scene :p

Fiona 358

Fiona 359

Penshurst Deli

Sometimes I feel like I live in a little country town. One where the guy at the charcoal chicken knows I want a quarter wing and a small greek salad, the guy at the coffee shop knows it’s a large soy latte, no sugars, and the girls at the beautician know how to do my waxing.

Penshurst Deli

So, of course, I was also excited to find out how the renovated Penshurst Deli would turn out, with the middle way, and cake display.

Penshurst Deli

We got there too late on a Friday afternoon to order any meals off the menu, but Rish went a very creamy New York Cheesecake. Presented on a surfboard.

Penshurst Deli

And I stuck with a coffee.

Penshurst Deli

Yummy all around, the cake defeated Rish though.

Penshurst Deli


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