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Aldi Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

Since silverbeet is in season and abundant, I used this Spanakopita recipe from SBS Food as inspiration for this Spanakopita. I have to say I think I upped the amount of cheeses in it, and I forgot the nutmeg, but this turned out awesomely, with all the ingredients (yup! even the fresh dill sprigs!), except…

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Winter Warmers: Bruce’s Chicken Pie (with a sweet treat for dessert)

Who doesn’t like a hearty pie for a winter meal? I love the one Bruce makes, so we decided to share it with you in all its glory :) In the beginning we have two frypans going. In one, soften up a finely sliced onion chopped leek (here’s some instructions on cleaning leeks) in with…

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Jackman & McRoss, Hobart

Rish and I spent Thursday wandering around Hobart, checking out the cute little houses of Battery Point, and eating lots of food. We stopped for lunch at Jackman and McRoss, a bakery in Battery Point. And, despite being full from breakfast still, we couldn’t resist their fresh offerings. Rish went for a delicious Lamb Shank…

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(Naughty) Meringue Worms and Meat Pies at the Braidwood Bakery

Went to the coast the other weekend, and stopped off for coffee, pies and other baked goods in Braidwood… ooo do I smell PIE?? :D nom nom nom Meringue worm liked the coffee much more than I did. Which wasn’t hard! *gag* Check out the steak chunks! So purrty. Erm.. Get a room!

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