Purple Vision


So, last Friday (18/4) I went to the optometrist for my contact lens trial… after some fiddling around, going for a wander so that the left contact could turn itself to the right position in my eye (it was 15 degrees off, apparently it’s only supposed to be up to 5)… I walked out of there with a pair of contacts to trial for the week.

(when I say for a week, I tried to book the follow-up appointment for yesterday, but they didn’t have optometrists in that day, and I couldn’t get anything on monday, so the week thing may extend to a couple by the time I can get in *rolls eyes*)

Anyway. Trialling them, I’m pretty sure I’ll get some to wear, but not sure how committed i am to wearing them every day. They’re great in that I can wear sunglasses, run around like and idiot without worrying about glasses. They’re also great for wearing out – I can put on eye makeup without guessing where my eyes are… and I’m able to put colour in my hair without getting it on frames that are in the way, or again guessing where everything is exactly when there’s no glasses on. Now I just to learn how to actually DO eye makeup…

They’re not so good in that I think my working day plus the time until I get home at night is exceeding the length of time I shold be wearing them. But I’m getting used to that, and using eye drops to extend the time I can wear them. I think having a sniffle in general doesn’t help.

Oh and I feel naked. I think I must hide behind my glasses. I kow they hide the circles under my eyes. Another reason to learn to do makeup properly… or to get more sleep!

But there’s definately a lot of positives. Particularly in having the choice in what I want to wear, wearing my sunglasses, stuff like that. And I’ve only dropped one once in a week… Rish had to help me find it on the bath room floor. gah.

(and no, they’re not purple contacts *pouts* They dont come in my prescription… that’s the hair colour that’s going in at the moment!)

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