It’s been two weeks now since I finished work, quitting because the whole prospect of making to to work each day was not going well.

So, two week into ‘relaxing’ and ‘sorting out what I want’ where am I?

I think I want to go back to work as a speech pathologist.

But part time. I think 3 days or 4 each week would be better.

Give me more headspace.

Time to do work I love, but time to do me stuff that I love.

We might move further north.

Closer to Rish’s work, closer to Newcastle.

Still building up friendship groups.

And professional supports.

But getting there.

Where was I?

My netbook finally was put to rest. After 6 trips to the doctor’s they finally deemed it irrepairable. And I am now charged with $550 in JB Hi Fi vouchers to put towards a new computer / laptop / netbook / tablet / back catalog of Hit Machine cds.

Which is to say, I’ve been computerless since early December.

And I’m taking my time in choosing the replacement.

Part of my is leaning towards something SHINY, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab with 3G and all the bells and whistles.

Another part of me just wants to get the cheapest netbook around.

So, advice is welcome.

Since then, we’ve of course had Xmas.
I passed uni.
New Year.
Visits to Newcastle.
One to Canberra.

Lots of love, laughter and lunches.

Lots of photos to catch up on.

But you’re not getting them just yet.



I used to put pen to paper, pouring out my thoughts. My raw emotions. Just train of thought stuff. Usually to poor Rish. Who read my letters for years and years.

SEPT2011 201

Now I’m much more able to ramble out my thoughts in person. To the right people. Sometimes I need to prepare, with a letter, a text message, or a look.

Sometimes I don’t realise what I’m thinking about until I start talking. Same with the writing. It doesn’t come out until I start.

I’m going well. This has enabled me to look at some things a little more. Think things through. Think about what I want and how that fits in with the rest of what’s going on for me now.

I still can’t just write any more. Not really. It doesn’t flow as well.

Maybe one day.

Woke up to the news that the kettle was dead…. so went down to the local shops, but no luck in woolies, The Reject Shop, Aldi or Homeart. There were some in Target, but they started at $60. Uh, no thanks!

Headed into the Canberra Centre around lunch time, and success at Big W – Kettle for $8, radiant heater (which Rish is pretty much sitting on now!) for $18. Score! And a vanilla air freshener for the car for $2.

Rice paper rolls

Made a mess of the rice paper rolls I got from Sushi World for lunch. I don’t think they were packed tight enough. Their fault, right not mine? :p

So I’ve been back in Australia for all of 60 hours, have already completed 2 full days of work, updated wordpress, uploaded a bunch of photos to flickr, started a job application because they advertised while I was away – the applications end next week, so I’ve time, and started working on a presentation for Saturday. No, no time to tiredness or jetlag. Not for me.


You will get “Europe” blog posts in time. In the meantime, photos are gradually heading to this Flickr set, and here is a freaky citrus fruit from Vienna to tide you over ;)

Freaky Citrus!!!

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