Inspired by having three well-overripe bananas in the fruit bowl, I decided attempting Banana Bread was a great idea. Let’s just ignore the fact that I still don’t own a loaf tin, and am probably missing some ingredients.

Dairy-free Banana Bread

As usual, I used a recipe from Taste.com.au and phona-ised it.

Dairy-free Banana Bread

Baked in a round tin, substituted milk with soy milk, butter with canola oil, and added in walnuts, because we have two opened packets of them. Why? No idea. Oh and I used three small bananas instead of two medium. Heh.

Dairy-free Banana Bread

Tasted pretty good – we ate more than half of it for lunch! Yums!

My version of the recipe below the cut

I was asked, so here we go :)


Proportions are a little whacked, as I don’t really measure these things:
6 or so chicken bits like the one above. You could probably do drumsticks also!

Marinade with:
about half a cup dry cooking sherry
2 tablespoons soy sauce
a tablespoon sesame oil
about the same again of honey (though I kinds just drizzled mine in!)
tablespoon “Chinese Five Spice” from a jar.

Cook in about a 180 degree Celsius over for 30 minutes covered, then another 30 minutes uncovered.

Serve with whatever veges you can find (like steamed broccolini with oyster sauce. Yums!)


12 stalks of rhubarb
juice and grated zest of one lemon
2 tablespoons orange juice (fresh or bottled is fine)
Tablespoon sugar (the recipe reckons artificial sweetener, like Splenda, but I don’t have any, and don’t think it’s worth it!)
Teaspoon ground cinnamon
Teaspoon vanilla essence

Put into a pot on low heat. stir stir stir for about 10 minutes until you get a delicious mush. I don’t like it stalky, prefer it close to the one consistency. You will end up with a few lumpy bits.

Serve with Greek yoghurt. Which I shouldn’t have, but I did anyway. I wonder is a little honey would be nice on top?

(Recipe is slightly modified from the one in the CSIRO Total WellbeingCookbook)

So Saturday night was Spent in Sydney for a high school friend’s 27th birthday. Let’s get over that since he’s turning 27, the rest of us will be shortly. Great views of the Harbour Bridge, good company, and probably too many fruit tingles.

IMG_5036 IMG_5078

Fruit Tingle Recipe:
2 parts vodka
1 part blue curacao
1 part raspberry cordial
top up with lemonade

Divide among glasses.

Repeat this until someone (Phil this time) is vomiting purple.

Good times (yes, it was so high school)

IMG_5074 IMG_5053

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