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Happy International Women’s Day! :)

Last night, we went to a public talk by Leslie Cannold (@LeslieCannold) at the ANU entitled “Lecture on The Sleeping Dragon: The Unfinished Business of Abortion Law Reform in Australia“. AMAZING. It astonished me, and made me angry that there are still so many “faceless” men and women making decisions thinking they know what is best for me and my body.

A 19 year-old Cairns woman and her 20 year–old partner are charged with procuring an abortion and hauled into court. This did not take place in the 19th century when the laws were framed. The couple were tried in late 2010.

In this lecture, Dr Leslie Cannold will argue that abortion law reform in Australia is unfinished business. Only in the ACT and Victoria is abortion not a crime. She will discuss why abortion is still a fundamental issue for women and how we can – and must – campaign for change.

Dr Cannold is an author, commentator, ethicist and activist. She is an adjunct Fellow at the School of Philosophy, Anthropology and Social Inquiry at the University of Melbourne and senior lecturer at the Monash Institute of Health Services Research. She is President of Reproductive Choice Australia, a national coalition of pro-choice organisations that played a key role in removing the effective ban on the abortion drug RU486. Dr Cannold is also President of Pro Choice Victoria which was instrumental in the decriminalisation of abortion in Victoria in 2008. Her books include The Abortion Myth and What, No Baby? She has a chapter on abortion in The Australian Book of Atheism <(Scribe 2010) and her first novel, The Book of Rachael, will be published by Text in April 2011.

I believe the transcript and lecture will be available on Radio National in the not too distant future, will let you know! The transcript is here. (DON’T read the comments. Unless you feel like getting outraged once more)

I DO have issues with Catholic health care and any restrictions they place on us because of their beliefs, particularly as they are often the only tax payer funded facilities in a town. I have issues with Labor factions, with being lied to about whether I can access a safe procedure, whether I can access something in ACT but not in my home town of Newcastle in NSW, or even 10 km away in Queanbeyan.

I have issues with someone else’s “morals” dictating my actions, them thinking they know what’s “best”. I know I am not always the most coherent in arguing my point, but it angers and upsets me that there is so much shame about abortion, and that you need to lie through your teeth to get one, when having a surprise baby is not in most people’s gameplan. Nor is it always the best option :(

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

An author I need to read more of. Thank you Leslie for your talk last night. Thank you for alerting me to the fact that most Australians don’t have the same options that I enjoy in the ACT. That there is a still a way to go. Thank you for that.

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