Impress Your Guests

The time has finally come, and your wife is retiring after 30 years of working. You want to make sure she has the best retirement party to show her how much her co-workers and her family love her. That all starts with letting everyone know the good news, so finding the right retirement celebration invitation is imperative.

With that in mind, we have created this guide to make sure you know who, when, and what needs to be included when sending out the party invites.

Who Should Be Invited

When it comes to a retirement party, you will always want to defer to the retiree to see how big or small they would like the party, however, with that being said. Most times, you will invite friends, family, and co-workers past and present to help you celebrate the closing the door on one chapter of life and the beginning of a new retired life. You will be surprised how quickly the guest count adds up.

When To Send

Once you have the guest list created, you will be ready to get the party invites sent out. There are two different timelines depending on the style of party you will be having. A formal style retirement party will need to be sent four to six weeks in advance of the event. The reason for this is you will need to give guest time to RSVP to the event in enough time to get a final guest count to provide the venue as well as your caterer.

If you have decided to go with a casual BBQ style party, you will want to send your invitation three to four weeks as RSVP count is not as big a deal as people will kind of come and go.

What Needs To Be Included

As for what needs to be included in the invitation, here is a list of the items that you must have and a few optional components.


Name of Retiree – Ensuring that the name of the retiree is on the invitation should be pretty self-explanatory. The name of the honored guest should be a focal point of the invitation as it is their big day.

Date – Make sure the date is bold as well so guests can get it marked on their calendars.

Time – Let your guest know when the party will start, but you can also include any additional relevant times, such as dinner, or program starting time, or even when the party will end.


Dress Code – This is an essential factor as no-one wants to feel out of place. Make sure you let your guest know what type of dress will be expected.


RSVP – Depending on the type of party you are going to have, you may not need a headcount.

Host – Adding the details of who’s hosting the party can come in handy as the host can field any questions guests may have.
Party Theme – Adding the party theme details is an excellent addition and allows the guest to get a feel beforehand of what to expect at the party.

If you follow these guidelines, your invites should turn out perfectly and make for a fantastic retirement extravaganza.

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