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Billabong Retreat Sydney – Yoga, Mindfulness and Eco Retreat

Wow. Okay. Where do I begin to recap on a bliss-filled 48 hours at Billabong Retreat on the way to Richmond, NSW? Should I start with the delicious vegetarian food, the awesome tent I was in, the yoga, breathing, and vocal sessions, the tea ceremony, or the purrrty scenery? Shall I start with the food,…

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48 hours. Week 488.

Back from 48 hours at Billabong Retreat Sydney. Uploading photos now, and feeling my new yoga muscles. You’ll get all the details later this week. Til then: Week 488 Model :: railway Clash :: bang Frightening :: thunderbolts Instinct :: passion Award show :: statue Editing :: floor Frumpy :: dress Everyone :: dance! Lifting…

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Going Caffeine-Free for a Month. For Charity. And for my 30 before 30.

So. I’m biting the bullet. Aiming to tick off another Thirty before 30 item. Elizabeth has dangled the carrot of a $50 donation to the Steve Waugh Foundation if I succeed. I can do it right? No black tea, or coffees. Til the end of the financial year. At least I’ve cut out diet coke…

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