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Schick Hydro Silk 5 Blade Razor

The Lovely Lady Smaggle got this freebie sent my way to test out on my hairy winter (transitioning to spring!) legs.. And I have to say it’s GREAT on the legs, whip it over, gets to hair off without any hassles! Spring ready! The downside is that the moisturising strip which is great on my…

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My awesome (huge) phone – the Samsung Galaxy Note

So, I won this from Mrs Woog with the most inane comment ever: And I’m, to use the words of Justin Norris, stoked. (Bogan, hey? Yeah, takes one to know one :p) I don’t use the stylus much, but I love the purrrty screen, and it’s so android and awesome. And yes, its big, but…

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Philips Air Fryer (review)

I don’t deep fry very often. I’ll do prawn crackers (noms), pappadams, and I think that’s about it. I occasionally eat oven chips, but I’m doing that less and less. So when I was sent the Philips Airfryer to review, I was looking at it more along the lines of doing my home made chips…

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