And aside from stuffing myself with silly with dumplings, I have

GORGEOUS roses from Amanda


A Moto G from my parents *squees*

Expect much better photos from now on! Much much better….

Arrrr me kitties… Adding this to my therapy wishlist!

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Yes, my birthday went well… how could it not when it starts with a box of roses from my mother delivered before work, and on my arrival home I get a bunch of Irises (purple! My favourite flower, yesm!) from a friend in Melbourne? :)

Birthday flowers
One vase, think it works!

After a dazed day at work (I’m got a cold and am generally worn down by other health stuff. No, I’m not pregnant, though someone suggested it might be why I’m tired!) I dolled up in a new LBD, new tights and some killer heels to head to Rocksalt for dinner.

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