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MS Fun Run 10km (at minus one degree)

Cannot see across Lake Burley Griffin! COLD start to the day with the a 10km fun run to raise money for MS Australia. I got around the 10.42km in 1:12:19 (96th of 110 on chip time haha, I’m awesome!) and raised $110. I think you can still contribute if you like the cause and my…

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Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run 2011 – My first 10k!

OMG, I did it. I finished to 10k at the Mother’s Day Classic in 1:08:12. And with energy to spare, as Rish finished ahead of me, then started yelling at me to get a move on, and I got the giggles ;) What a gorgeous (though COLD!!!!! lost my fingers) morning! I was certainly not…

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Mothers Day Classic – One Week to Go

Okay. In ONE WEEK, I will be running around Lake Burley Griffin. Hopefully not dying. I’ve been “training” – ie running and doing other stuff. You can see the recent runs over at my Runkeeper profile. I figure that hills are good training for the flats, right? :p How can you help? Sponsor me? (to…

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Mother’s Day Classic – 3 weeks to go

So, Apparently I’m running my first 10km race in 3 weeks. That seems a long way to me. I’ve done th 5k the past couple of years, with varying levels of “OMGI’MGONNADIE!>!?!?” expressed throughout. But 10km? Sponsor me? It’s for a good cause. And might just be the motivation I need at the 7km point…

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The Running Bug

So, the plan is to slowly increase my running time and distances until I can do 10km. Hopefully BEFORE May 8… This means some early mornings now that there’s not really light after work! Early cold mornings where I debate whether to wear long pants or shorts, jumper or not, putting contacts in early because…

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