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Sharing my Story – #RUOKDay

So. This time last year, things were stating to unravel for me. I’d moved up to Sydney alone. Started a new job. And thought I could hack it. But, maybe that’s not even a great start for the most brazen and mentally healthy of people. Rather, me, who had only really started to find her…

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My @RUOKDay post

NINJAS I’ve put myself through a lot this past 2 months. Moved house. Moved cities. Away from my partner of a billion years. In with a housemate. even though I don’t like people that much. A new job. Different social circles. Lost 2 people in my circles to suicide. No wonder I’m a little stressed…

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Are you okay? (2. One month. It’s not right)

I just found out about the second suicide of an acquaintance in the space of about a month. it’s not right. By all accounts, they should be happy successful you people. But that Black Dog just keeps coming back. At work, I’ve bought RUOK DAY cups and have sent emails to raise awareness. I sent…

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