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The Stars Align for a Prawn Caesar Salad

How, you might ask, does this cynic form the belief that one day she was just simply MEANT to have prawn Caesar salad for dinner? One. A PR Company send you Cardini’s Caesar Dressing. You get let out from your job search appointment early because they think you’re awesome for getting and interview, and Steel…

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Early Dinner @ Zinc, Darby Street

I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of the rest of the day, but this early dinner at Zinc was earned by all concerned after an emotional ride of a weekend. Seafood was the flavour of the day, with the (gluten-free) fish and chips at the top for me, seafood spaghetti for the guys, and a…

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Merewether Surfhouse Bar & Grill

A late lunch over the weekend at the fairly new (opened in November) Merewether Surfhouse. I both hadn’t realised that the original clubhouse had finally been torn down nor that this gorgeous new building with stunning views was just down from the Beaches hotel. With a rare break in the rain for the day, and…

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