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Lifeline also does ONLINE crisis chat: 8pm-4am #Liptember

Day Two. Lippy Matches the fringing on my blankie. It’s wet out there!!! *snuggles up* So, we all know that Lifeline has their telephone crisis support line – 13 11 14 – but did you know they are have an ONLINE crisis chat, which is available from 8pm-4am 7 days a week? (AEST) There are…

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Cute and Kitch Coffee @ Frankies Place, Darby Street

I love the coffee at Frankie’s place, on Darby street. Helps that it’s Campos, and that it’s served in the cutest surroundings. So even though I’m a third of the way through #caffeinefreephona I suggested we go there between an open house and lunch yesterday. (After, of course, sarcastically suggesting Gloria Jeans :p ) The…

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