Because I am so behind in so many ways

baked camambert

Baked Camembert. At the Blog Chicks meet this month at the South Sydney Graphic Arts Club which was very much Workers Club not hippie arts centre!

coconut smirnoff ice

Smirnoff Coconut and Pineapple. Though you can’t taste the pineapple. The Honey one is foul, though :/

cooking for more than one

Cooking for people other than just myself

hello kitty pasta

With Hello Kitty pasta and Bertolli olive oils

fish and chips

Fish and chips.

frankies place brekfast

Breakfast at Frankie’s Place on Darby


Meat. This was at Lowenbrau on the weekend for the lovely Kazza’s 40th :) mmm meaty.

colourful tights

Colourful socks and tights

colourful socks and tights

hello kitty body spray

Hello Kitty body sprays


Canberra. xoxox

I know what to do.

A language assessment, speech sounds, some probing for stimulability, start setting goals, something that we can make some progress on over the next 3 months. In the limited time I have to work with these kids.

I talk about what I have to do tomorrow.

Smile, knowing that I’m going to have fun in the moments. That I enjoy this work.

And it helps me breathe for a little while.

Today’s going to be a long day.

Let’s get tomorrow started already!!

yay! new socks

#jeansfreephona Day 2  sock cafe thigh highs
Ears and sushi necklace from Shanalogic, Knee highs from Sock Cafe at Myer, Dress from Esprit and top from Threadless :)

Went grocery shopping for the bbq tomorrow with Mum. Lots of sausages, salad, chips and nibbles. We’re set (apparently there are cupcakes galore at my sister’s place!)

Now to do the vege bake… who let me cut a pumpkin unsupervised?

ps I’m nearly at $600 raised for the Steve Waugh foundation for my birthday! Yay! Care to donate? xx

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