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Look up and spot anything colourful yesterday?

On Sunday the 4th of October 2015, OVI Hydration celebrated the extra hour of daylight by giving away 200 uplifting, summer experiences via colourful balloons!

For all those who weren’t there, don’t despair – #OVIHAPPYHOUR is here to make sure we spread the balloon/summer love far and wide. Just follow on Instagram @ovihydration and keep an eye out – they’ll be running a weekly giveaway for you to gift a friend that awesome summer experience they’ve been waiting for!

This post is in collaboration with FlowersforEveryone

purple flowers

When was the last time you got given flowers?

It’s been awhile for me, and while I’m personally not always a fan of cut flowers (I prefer them in the wild any day!) I do like to see the colours and perfume of flowers lighten up someone’s day.

native flowers

Personally? I like roses or natives because they last for so long on the mantle, and with a little effort can be dried and kept until the spiders make their homes in them, as happened on on red rose bunch I had…

red roses

Or of course, there’s the living option – A plant for the home or office that keeps giving smiles and love!


How about you? Are flowers your thing? Can they brighten your day or bring on forgiveness?

This post is in collaboration with Digital Parents Collective and Penny Miller

purple knee highs

How convenient is it to shop from home? We all love getting a bundle of catalogues in the letter box, browsing for bargains on eBay, and clicking through to have our groceries delivered each week!

So, here’s another way you can shop from home (or become a salesperson yourself!).

Penny Miller is an 100% Aussie-owned catalogue order company. You can order from the paper catalogues or browse their many categories online. Some of the wide range of items were sent out to me to try. Wanna see?

20 pack of coloured knee-highs

A 20 pack of colourful knee-highs! This was a must for me – they weren’t quite knee-high as you see above, but there’s 20 different colours! I’m set for a month of colourful fun!

granny panties

Slimming (granny!-) panties. You know, to wear under that sleek special occasion dress to smooth out those bumps just a tad ;) A couple of Briget Jones – moments may ensue, but that’s what we’re aiming for!

pelvic floor exerciser

Then there’s this contraption, which was tricky for people to figure out.

pelvic floor exerciser

It’s a pelvic floor exerciser…. which is handy for me who can’t quite deal with a good tickling. Eeeps!


Our range-hood doesn’t have a light, which is a little odd, so this stick on light will help me illuminate my stovertop, both for my blind eyes and my food photos. It’s stuck on with double-sided tape, but also came with a screw option.

car phone holder

Lucky-last, I now can use my phone GPS legally! It took me a few attempts to get this phone holder in the right spot so the phone wouldn’t fly out, but once I figured it out, it worked well :) Next to get my cigarette lighter fixed so I can keep the charge to my phone while driving.

So, how do you order?
You can shop online at www.pennymiller.com.au or call their super-friendly customer service team on 1300 663 161 to arrange a distributor to come and drop off a catalogue.

Or why not become a distributor yourself if there’s not one close to you? It’s as flexible and as intensive as you want it to be, and a super-simple way to work from home. Check out some of their distributors’ stories on the Penny Miller Facebook page.

Don’t forget if you place an order with your distributor, you only pay cash on delivery!

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