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Latest Hello Fresh Meals

Had some money sitting in my PayPal so thought I’d spend it on some healthy Hello Fresh meals. Use my code R3CDUQ to get $35 off your first order! Oven Baked Ocean Trout with fennel and lemon Za’atar Chicken Bowl Chorizo and Chick Pea Vietnamese Pork Noodle Salad Steak with the biggest mushroom in the…

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Lazy Eats for One

mmm salty I am still adjusting to this cooking for one business, and so here as\re a few of my fallbacks…. Chicken salad, cheese sorj wrap. Low carb, high yum. Steak and the stuff in my fridge. Almost passing as Mediterranean, right? Noodles from Sapa, Wamberal, which is just at the end of my driveway.…

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Merewether Surfhouse Bar & Grill

A late lunch over the weekend at the fairly new (opened in November) Merewether Surfhouse. I both hadn’t realised that the original clubhouse had finally been torn down nor that this gorgeous new building with stunning views was just down from the Beaches hotel. With a rare break in the rain for the day, and…

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An attempt at recapping Eat. Drink. Blog. (2011) Wish me luck?

Where does one begin on a HUGE day with lots of eating, drinking, photographing and meeting oodles of awesome people? With the macarons and balls from Lindt …. rather popular! ;) How about I do what I usually do? Start at the start and see how distracted I get along the way? That’s my voice…

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