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Yuu Sushi Train, Tamworth

You know me always skeptical of the quality of inland sushi… and fortunately everything we had (granted there was a few non fishy ones) was nice except the sashimi. Both the tuna and the salmon were dodge (noticeably recently thawed, and chewy). The huge fancy chicken thing was great! Wanna see? Yakitori. Mmmmmmm Dodge Sashimi…

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Sushi Train! Sushi Bay, Charlestown

Hey, look! Some sushi for your Friday, from Sushi Bay, Charlestown :) (Rice Paper Roll – Much easier to eat these whole, right?) Taties! Melty melty sashimi :) Set us about about $33… Sushi Bay, Charlestown Shop 1030 Charlestown Square Shopping Center, Pearson Street, Charlestown NSW 2290 Tel 02 4009 1433 Fax 02 4023 1790…

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Birthday Sushi @ Sushi Revolution, Darby Street.

Ocean! Bruce took me for sushi for my birthday dinner…. soooo many noms kept tempting me on the sushi train! Sashimi to start! This one had spice. Chicken katsu Prawn ship :) Crunchy chicken mmmm Edamame!! A good palate cleanser while I wait for more noms! Fresh takoyaki (squid balls!) Crab with strawberry chili sauce…

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