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Peppermint Tea, old friend. #caffeinefreephona

Peppermint tea is something that I got seriously hooked on when I was first trying to figure out the best ways to manage my Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. Good for settling the intestines, but not for those with additional reflux. A wonderful wonderful drink, that I’m sure I’ll drink much of over the next month!…

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Chai at Adore Tea, Canberra

It sometimes takes moving away from a city to see some of the sights. Rish and I headed to Adore Tea at Gold Creek for a lovely afternoon of chai and jazz, at the suggestion of a friend we were staying with. Not super overwhelmed by the tea, but the atmosphere was lovely with live…

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Teapot Earrings – Farewell Dinner at Rama’s

Last night was my work farewell dinner at Rama’s at the Pearce shops. My workmates came out in good numbers for the winter school holidays, and many smiles and hugs were shared. Samosas Delicious Spinach Balls One of the girls served me a yummy plate. We stuffed ourselves on a banquet, no idea what the…

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Awesome things on a Thursday

Some things I’ve seen or tried this week and love: Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies Sweet Caramel Cakes (baked for a meeting which kinda dissolved when there were two of us. But we still ate cakes) Twinings Camomile and Spearmint herbal tea. Deek’s Quinoa Loaf. Half price, so I finally tried it. Yum lightly toasted with…

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