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No Satisfaction (with a soft toothbrush *sadface*)

(back-story on the ants) So. I went to the dentist for the first time in seven years late last week. A bunch of time spent cleaning, examining the wear on my teeth and discussing its causes. Grinding, clenching and chomping in the night (mouth guard recommended). Acid wear for a number of reasons. Dry mouth…

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Colgate. With Ants.

There’s something about the rubber on Colgate Toothbrushes that ants seem to love… erm… this isn’t the first toothbrush of Rish’s this has happened to, either. Yums. (In other news, I’ve submitted my last assignment for the year. Uni break! yay! – yes I still have to go to work. But UNI BREAK! YAY!) [kads…

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