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Hey ASIO – I can has job, plz? #heyASIO

#heyasio don't you need more staff now ? have been lurking and stalking online for years, shall i send an application? — restless bitchface (@suburp) September 26, 2014 Dear ASIO, I am writing to apply for the job on Internets Stalker, as advertised in ********* on ********. As a fan of the Internets, I am…

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Heartbreaking LiveTweets from the Human Rights Inquiry into immigration detention… #HRInquiry

Full report from #HRinquiry here: Asylum-seeker children: self-harm 'shockingly high', national inquiry hears — Michael Safi (@safimichael) July 2, 2014 [View the story ” ” on Storify] Sharing because it is an awful read. And that means it needs to be shared far and wide.

The 10th anniversary GIVEAWAY extravaganza!

Want to see the oldest record of My first blog post here?? Or some old webcam pics?? Or birthday cards from all over the world?? (from the days of subdomains. Yes, 10 years. This domain was registered back on September 11, 2002. Meep. Yes, the archives have been long deleted from back then…

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