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Urban Remedy

So, given that I’m Urban Remedy cleanse from the Spring menu in my Blogiversary giveaway (2 more days left to enter!!), we thought I should give the Spring menu a whirl.

Due to life and dumplings, I kinda split the three day level three cleanse over two 1.5 day lots. Oh well, still got to taste them all! :)

Breakfast! Breakfast juice each day has avocado, spinach, banana, raw vanilla and chia. I do like chewing on chia seeds (like in the Nudie breakfast smoothie), and avocado and I are such good friends :) A nice filling start to the day! (though the berry looking ones from level 1 and 2 look bright and colourful, would love to know how they taste!)

Mid-morning came the Metabolism booster. I have to say that the winter version, with the agave rather than the stevia tastes nicer! But I’m not a stevia fan :p

Lunch we have the Supercharged Greens (which you can also buy six packs of for an intense day!) with Spinach, Cucumber, Cos lettuce, Celery, Parsley, Mint, Lemon and Ginger. I quite like this, and love my greens. Would be curious to see how one would go on a whole day of just this though!

Cooling Digestive for Afternoon tea – carrot, cucumber, lemon and mint. So many fresh flavours… and carrot juice is growing on me, particularly with lemon in it :)

Dinner time! Another round of the supercharged greens.

Supper and bed – almond milk, raw cacao, coconut water, cinnamon, nut butter, dates and water. A million times yummier than the winter version, which I was a fan of warm, but others couldn’t get into. A nice way to settle my tummy to sleep! :)

SO, yeah, I’m disappointed that I didn’t stick out the three days, but oh well! If you want to, you can enter to win a cleanse, but hurry it closes Saturday!!!


Want to see the oldest record of littlelioness.net?? My first blog post here?? Or some old webcam pics?? Or birthday cards from all over the world??

(from the days of subdomains. pre-littlelioness.net)

Yes, 10 years. This domain was registered back on September 11, 2002.


Yes, the archives have been long deleted from back then ;)

So, you’re really here to win stuff, right?

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Urban Remedy has generously offered a free Three Day Juice Cleanse from their new Spring menu! You can choose the level you get. I loved the juices and soups in the Level 3 Winter menu, and and can only imagine that the new menu (juices and smoothies only) is perfect for the Spring/Summer season.

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Urban Remedy

This juice was provided to me at no charge by Urban Remedy

18 bottles of the new winter menu of juices, soups and smoothies showed up to my door about 9:30am Tuesday, so I thought I’d start that day as I hadn’t yet eaten that morning, plus I’d had a rough night the night before, so why not start something positive a day early? :)

Urban Remedy

Breakfast / aka #1, was a “healing smoothie” of avocado, banana, coconut, vanilla and chia seeds. “Tastes like liquid banana bread” said Rish. I wasn’t so enthusiastic, but the smoothie was a filling way to start each day (especially after my long walks in the mornings). I’m surprised they didn’t add a little lemon to slow the browning.

Urban Remedy

Juice #2 each day was “metabolism booster” of lemon juice, agave, cayenne pepper and water. A little tingle on my tongue, nice and hydrating, and made this chilli wuss sniffle on Wednesday :p Wasn’t hungry at the time it came to have this one each day, so full from the first smoothie, so no worries about it just being a light juice.

Urban Remedy

Lunch was a “repairing” lentil soup, with carrot, onion, tomato, garlic, onion, veggie stock, olive oil, rosemary and thyme. Deceptive in size in the bottle, there was a lot more to it once poured into the bowl. And reminded me how much I love my warm lentil soups in winter to fill me up for cheap and warm and being good for me! :)

Urban Remedy

#4 was another light juice – this time, as joked about with Rish, “alkalising” – apple, silverbeet, celery, lemon and parsley. “Not as bad as it sounds” was Rish’s verdict on that one. I quite liked it :) again, fit in well in the schedule of juices (one every two hours) and soups.

Urban Remedy

Dinner was another (“purifying”) soup, slightly less filling this time – asparagus, leek, pea, broccoli, olive oil, veggie stock, raw cashews, cumin. Again, getting ideas for soups this winter! (and using nuts for proteiney padding?). Went down well after each of a few long days.

Urban Remedy

Night drink, and “calming smoothie”, definitely better warmed up, of coconut milk, raw cashews, raw cacao, agave, water. Was like a warm coconut milk hot chocolate. A nice way to fill the tummy before collapsing into bed!!!

Overall I really liked not having to think about food for a few days (aside from watching others eat cake and have cappuccino while I had herbal tea!), and the tastes of pretty much everything. I would have made the first one more lemony ;) I only got hungry a few times, and that was when I was out and hadn’t taken the next juice with me.

The fact that it was the same juices/smoothies/soups for three days straight was a little boring, totally couldn’t do that for five days! (I can see why people would get a whole head of Mondays in a row though to help them kick their butts into gear after the weekend!). I struggled a little with timing mine at times, as I was out and about on the Wednesday, and so the soups were a little trickier to juggle (but oh so worth it!)

It’s left me feeling a bit more inspired to continue with my health goals (yeah, I’ve lost 6 kilos this year in amongst everything else) and to keep on moving, and to keep discovering new soup recipes! :)

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