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A (mostly) Vegan Christmas Feast

We headed to Canberra for Xmas this year, to help people move house and to be with Bruce’s family. There are two vegans and a vegetarian in the household, so the menu for Christmas lunch was an array of delicious salads, some chicken and feta for us meat eaters, and fruit salad and pavlova for…

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HelloFresh! Recipe Boxes to your Door {plus} Get $30 off your first order!

So excited to open my box and check out the ingredients!! I ordered a HelloFresh box because I found a good deal online and really wanted to try it. I love the idea of things like Lite’n’Easy, but I like to cook too much to hand over my evening meal to something pre-prepared or –…

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Chocolate Almond Breeze Milk (with bunny ears and video)

Just before easter, I received a parcel with some cute blue bunny ears in it. There was also some nuts… and a carton of the new chocolate almond breeze. I think this is the part of the box they really wanted me to write about. So, here were go. Apparently it’s got 48 calories per…

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Milo and Olenka’s Engagement Party

On marches the string of celebrations. This time a very well catered engagement party :) Olenka has to be one of the most thoughtful hosts out there. Tags on all the gluten free, dairy free, alcohol free, vego and vegan items. A combination of sweet and savoury. And traditional and not! Good thing my breakfast…

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