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Smirnoff Wine Coolers…. wait??? that’s not Vodka!

These drinks do taste nice, the passionfruit is just like an alcoholic tasting passiona, but I’m a little bit cynical about the reasons to not use vodka in your drinks and instead make a wine based cooler, ESPECIALLY if you are, like, an international vodka company like Smirnoff. When the federal government raised the “alcopops”…

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Smirnoff Vodka Flavoured Sorbet Pouches

Oh yum! At $6 each or 3 for $15, these Smirnoff freezies are a nice refreshing treat…. The first one I tried was lemon, of course, and my favourite. There was a slight vodka hint, but otherwise this smooshie ice was delish and cooling. I didn’t particularly like the raspberry one. It had the odd…

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Things I’ve likely lately

Because I am so behind in so many ways Baked Camembert. At the Blog Chicks meet this month at the South Sydney Graphic Arts Club which was very much Workers Club not hippie arts centre! Smirnoff Coconut and Pineapple. Though you can’t taste the pineapple. The Honey one is foul, though :/ Cooking for people…

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31 – a rolling celebration of eating, drinking and being merry

I actually don’t have too many photos from my birthday celebrations, as I had a number of late nights, where my phone battery died before meal or home time. I can say it’a been a lovely week of turning 31, and surrounding myself with people who are awesomeness. Let’s start with a couple of days…

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Absolut Vodka Elyx Launch @ Sticky Bar, Darlinghurst

I was quite happy to receive the invite from Soup to attend the Sydney Soup launch for Absolut Elyx at Sticky Bar :) A vodka tasting? Sure! We kicked off the night with some generous pours over ice. Quite easy to sip on before we launched into the tastings. Taken to the private room, we…

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