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At least it wasn't raining … yet

So there are advantages to working in a building that you’ve been evacuated three times from in a week. Like being able to come home and take the washing off the line before the dust and mud storms come rolling in again. So, we were sent home last monday with the power out. Friday morning…

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Something about the Weather

I don’t have photos of the gigantic Floriade tulips that are in Civic, though I walked past them today. I’m thinking next weekend for Floriade myself, it was gorgeous weather for it today (Still 22 degrees now!), is meant to rain tomorrow though… Relaxed day, read the paper, did the washing, gymmed, shopped (piecing together…

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Long-weekend goodness

So, perhaps in order to “enjoy” the ANZAC long weekend, there’s some obligation to go to the dawn service, or at least some sort of service? I read the paper… there was ANZAC stuff there, that counts as at least paying attention to the day… though I was more interested in the Canberra leg of…

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