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Mutterings (Oh, stats, my old friend)

A day in the library, making sense of my data, I can and will get this all done. It may not wind up all purrty, but that’s okay. It will still be good, make sense and reflect well upon me. Right? Week 402 Intruder :: Alert Repelled :: stench Trench coat :: mafia Lipstick ::…

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10 minutes of HELL

*grins* Bootcamp this morning was short but fun. A one-on-one session, because noone else was there! After the warm-up, I did – 15 box jumps (up and down off a foot high step) 20 jumping pullups (from hanging to pulled up) 30 situps ?600m run 30 situps 20 jumping pullups 15 box jumps New stuff…

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Say my Name

Saw the above picture googling ‘fiona’… cool. Big day, new things. Trying to focus. I think it’s positive. At step in the right direction. “Progress”. In other news. What’s better than freshly waxed eyebrows? Why, when it’s FREE! (Thanks to the $15 loyalty voucher I got from Brazilian Butterfly!) (oh yeah, washed hair is also…

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Bloggers Without Makeup

I probably wear makeup about once a fortnight when I’m heading out for dinner and/or drinks, so you’ll usually see me without makeup on this blog, but why not join in the fun of Bloggers without Makeup? :p I’m in the Uni library, on the final day of my semester, writing an essay about modifying…

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