How much better is Gourmet Farmer than, say, the boring recipes on Better Homes and Gardens, or kitchen disasters on the reality shows? It DOES make me want to live on a little farm, at least, like the city slicker I am, only on weekends, and have people tend the animals, and harvest the veges for me, ready for me to cook em.

One day. When I’m rich ;) Cos I’m realistic like that.

I loved these pictures over on the xkcd blog today

colour map

Might actually be quite a useful resource for the design nerds out there, whereas I’m probably looking at it more linguistically, with flashbacks to a lecturer saying “some languages only have x number of colour names” (might have been 2 or 3) and me being weirded out.

Now, I ask again… What’s your favourite colour??

(I have a headache, a glass of red (yes , red, the dark stripe) wine, and no desire to do uni work tonight, having submitted a 35% assignment at 10pm yesterday, and another due on the weekend of the 15th.)

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