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Sydney for yummy Chinese BBQ, rice noodle dumplings and fire alarms

Okay, so we really went down for Cirque du Soleil Ovo, but the highlight of any Sydney trip is gorging on decent Chinese food… mmmm…. At two of the Emporer’s Garden locations, and yummy as usual :D BBQ Duck and Pork BBQ Pork with rice noodle Garlic and Prawn Scallop Cha sieu pao Coconut Jelly…

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Assorted Yum Cha, from Mr Chao’s Seafood, Hurstville

I’ve been to Mr Chao’s Seafood twice for yum cha this year already. Nom nom nom. The first time was with Rish’s dad, who kept picking different things to my usual “Steamed rice noodle creations” selection Including teeny tiny fish. Mmm steamed goodness! And, of course, the rice noodle prawns!

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