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Yum Cha at Mr Chao Seafood Restaurant, Hurstville

For Rish’s belated birthday, I promised him Yum Cha. And on recommendation from a workmate, we headed to Mr Chai Seafood at lunchtime Sunday. A short walk from home (yay!) a good way to kick off a Sunday after a sleep in. mmmmm bbq pork buns. Skipped the cue of groups waiting for large tables,…

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Yum Cha @ Emperor's Garden, Sydney

One of our traditions going to Sydney for events/gigs/parties/whatever is to have a yum cha breakfast the next day – usually close to midday, and usually at Emperor’s Garden in Chinatown (right across from Paddy’s markets). We eat a lot of steamed dishes – including the must-have BBQ Pork Buns. Yums. And finish with the…

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