Who does not want to travel? I believe all of us do. There are lots of places in the world that are free to discover and experience unique adventures along with the people you travel with or just alone by yourself. One of the most breathtaking places that you might want to wander is Sydney. An incredible place located in Australia, it is known for its Opera House. However, there’s more to what Sydney can offer. But before you decide to book your flights or hire local removalists Sydney to move and finally witness this astonishing destination, we have compiled the to-do’s as soon as you arrive there.

  1. Sunblock is your best friend

Australia is widely known for its numerous beaches as the continent itself is surrounded by large bodies of water. Thus, granting its citizens easy access to beaches and lakes. Your Sydney trip will not be complete without visiting beaches which is why you should secure enough supply of sunblock or sunscreen. This will ultimately protect your skin from the extreme heat of the sun due to its harmful ultraviolet rays.

  1. Picking the best beach

Australia has so many beaches to offer that choosing which one to try first can be tiring already. The two most popular beaches are Bondi and Manly beaches and it would be a total regret if you’re unable to visit any of these. So, make sure to jot it down on your itinerary and don’t miss your trip to these notable attractions.

  1. Know the slang

The land ‘down under’ is also known for its numerous slangs which are commonly heard when words are shortened and end with letters ‘y’ and ‘o’. Examples of these are ‘defo or deffo’ which means definitely and ‘brekky,’ short for breakfast. That doesn’t end there. They have developed their own original words to describe other objects and even the country’s name itself! ‘Straya’ is short for Australia and if you ‘reckon’ you’re gonna enjoy your stay in the country, it means that you’ll surely have a good time during the whole duration of your visit. Another unusual one – a removalist which is for a moving company.

  1. Deciding a place to stay

Of course, what’s a trip to a foreign country without preparing for a place to stay? We recommend that you set a budget for the accommodation and head over the Internet to look for rooms in a small apartment or a flat. Additionally, it is much better to choose the ones that are quite nearer to the places on your itinerary so that you have lots of time to visit and enjoy the destinations.

  1. Get a taste of their iconic food and food products

What is experiencing Australian food culture if you do not get to taste their popular Vegemite, TimTams, and lamingtons? Vegemite is a common filling or stuffing placed on bread and biscuits. Meanwhile, TimTams are best enjoyed dipped in hot chocolate or coffee, as Australians say. You’ve got to try their sweet goodies such as lamingtons, pavlovas, and fairy bread as well!

  1. Avail the Australian sim card and maximize public transport

As soon as you arrive in the country, buy an Australian sim card to make phone calls and texts easier (and for emergencies as well). In terms of public transportation, Australia has buses, trains, and cabs. It would be helpful if you track their arrival in their designated stations and the schedule of their operations. This will help you save money, time, and effort.

  1. Explore other parts of Sydney

Once you think you’re done with experiencing the city, it is the best opportunity to explore the rest of New South Wales. For instance, you could visit Newcastle which is just 117 kilometers from Sydney. For transporting your items, there are furniture removalists available to assist during your transfer. A removalist is some sort of a logistic company but for transferring objects of those who are moving to another house or accommodation. Look for cheap removalists that are available to transport your objects to your newer place of stay.


Travelling or moving to Sydney can be a very huge decision. However, it can also be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Just be sure that you’re physically, mentally, and financially ready and you’ll surely have a great time in this wonderful city. Remember, if you‘re moving internationally you can always use Wisemove!

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