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Friday Drinks – McGuigan Black Label Shiraz and Crumbed Camembert

McGuigan Black Label Shiraz

There was wine samples of the updated Black Label range at our local IGA last Friday, and we were readily sold on this 2014 Shiraz. Bought the 2 for $16 and then got this bonus bottle and a few accessories for the road :p

crumbed camambert

This Crumbed Camembert from Aldi also goes down well on a cool nearly-spring evening.

Frico Dutch Cheeses – a taste test!

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Frico Cheese

Frico Cheese

Wen you are sorting out a cheese platter, what do you get for it?

Frico Cheeses

I’m thinking the typical Aussie gets a Camembert/Brie, a hard or crumbly cheddar, and maybe one of those fruity almond and apricot cheeses. to go with some crackers and maybe some olives.

Frico Cheeses

Or you could be like my sister, and love the tradditional cheese cubes, cabonossi and Jatz?

Frico Cheeses>

But, have you tried any of the “semi-soft” yellow cheeses that those lovely Dutch people make? Full of flavour like a blue or brie, but harder in their presentation? Hard enough to cube or slice, but still melting in the mouth?

Frico Cheeses

Frico Dutch cheeses are like that. Still needing to be chewed, but packed full of flavour.. Especially the gouda. OMG. Can I have some alone time with it? And the smokey? just disappeared (into my mouth)!

Frico Cheeses

You can get them at Woolies (and Aldi this week if you’re quick!) in the cheese section near the deli. I recommend adding some prosciutto and olives and making a delightful platter.

frico cheese woolies

Amd OMG the maasdam melts beautifully! Perfect for those gourmet toasties!

gooey cheese porn

Smelly Cheese Shop, Pokolbin

Smelly Cheese Shop Pokolbin

We went on a spontaneous trip to the Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop in Pokolbin, partly to eat yummy cheeses, but also to give B’s car a good run on the expressway.

Broke Road Pokolbin

Smelly Cheese Shop Pokolbin

Overwhelmed with options, we bought a takeaway platter with a creamy blue, a cheddar, brie, washed ring cheese, labneh and feta for $30. Oh and a wedge of Hunter Belle Cheese’s Blue Moon because the local IGA doesn’t seem to stock it any more! :(

Smelly Cheese Shop Pokolbin

We then do a smidgeon of wine tasting in the next shop, Pokolbin Winemakers Outlet, a little boutique selling only wines made in the Hunter from Hunter grown grapes. I ask to try the Audrey Wilkinson 2011 Shiraz and the Pinot, and the lovely woman in the shop suggests we try the, equally priced, but on her recommendation better, Ferraris Estate 2011 Shiraz.

Smelly Cheese Shop Pokolbin

Having not heard of Ferraris Estate before, I needed to know more! They are a very small business, growing only 2 grape varieties – Shiraz and Chardonnay, and producing only three wines – Shiraz, Chardonnay, and a Shiraz Rose, all very dry. They had a great crop in 2011, which they picked at the right time, while Audrey Wilkinson apparently slightly missed the right harvest time that year. So, we took home the delicious Ferraris Shiraz for $22.

Ferraris 2011 Shiraz

Ferraris 2011 Shiraz


Moi enjoying cheese

Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop
Hall of Food
Pavilion G, Tempus Two Complex
2144 Broke Road Pokolbin NSW 2320
p. +61 2 4998 6713

Pokolbin Winemakers Outlet
2188 Broke Road
Pokolbin, New South Wales
(02) 4998 6929

Friday Drinks – Strawberry Beer and a Smooth Shiraz

I received the beer as a sample

Time for Friday Drinks!

Zeven Lemon Strawberry Blonde

Last week we got to try the new Strawberry Blonde from Zeven Lemon. When the parcel arrived from the PR company, I declared it the girliest beer alive!

Zavan Lemon strawberry blonde

It smelt like beer, but didn’t have a beery taste – nor could I really taste anything “Strawberry”, but Bruce claims to have tasted lemon in it. I don’t even know what is in it – aside from natural fruit flavours. He finished off the 4 pack and declared it a success.

Taylors Shiraz

The other good tastes from last week came in the form of this very smooth Taylors’ shiraz… a little splurge for us, a bit of spoiling for me.

Hunter Belle Cheese Blue Moon

And this delightful Hunter Belle Cheese Blue Moon from the local IGA.

What are you drinking tonight?

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