Jaden Smith Gay – A Complete Story about Life

Jaden Smith Gay – A Complete Story about Life

Jaden Smith Gay is the son Of famous Actor Will Smith. We know how Will Smith has made us Laugh with his movies and his amazing work throughout all these year. He has always set boundaries when it comes to sexuality and we know that actor is absolutely straight since he’s married to his lover Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jaden Smith Gay, his son however always had controversies going on regarding his sexuality. It was rumoured that he was gay but it is now official.

Just 2 days ago Jaden Smith took to Twitter to congratulate his boyfriend Tyler the creator for greatest rap album.

Jaden Smith confessed that he is gay and he also expressed his love for the American rapper.

Jaden Smith Gay the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has acted with his father in the movies since the age of 8. As a child his acting was just as great as his father and he gave some super hit movies. However, after a few films he distanced himself from the film industry and opted for music as his career.

It is his music career that he developed a close relationship with the American rapper as well. Jaden Smith is 21 years old only and he has decided to unleash his sexuality to th world.

It is true that Celebrities have haters as well as supporters. So now the actor is receiving as much hate as much as appreciation from people all over the world. The actor has a million followers on Instagram and bot everyone is happy with his decision.

Just recently Jaden Smith made his debut in Netflix Drama series called the “The Get Down.”

The series reached hyped when Jaden Smith was spotted locking lips with another guy. Since then the show as well as Jaden Smith has been getting a lot of attention and criticism over this particular topic.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have so far not passed out any verdict or news to the media but the fans and haters are going crazy over it and just can’t stop talking.

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to watch that scene, you can do so my heading over to Netflix and going to The get down. Watch first 6 episodes and you’ll know what all the hype is about.

Jaden told the site that

I’ve always been super duper fly and super duper different,” adding he’s worn dresses for the last 10 years. “people just start caring when they have a reason to start caring.” 

Celebrities are always the talk of the town. While it is true that Jaden Smith Gay marriages and same sex marriages are completely allowed in the United States Of America, people still feel upset and offend if a celebrity does that. And although Jaden smith is very young but we have to admit that the start decided to share his sexuality with the world rather than keeping it a secret. Even then he has been receiving a lot of hate and criticism over his decision. Not to mention, celebrities like Jaden Smith do het abused and talked bad about as well. That’s Another fact that since their celebrities, town gossip does not affect them all. They have millions of followers on social media handles, they could care not at all and still be happy in their lives.

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