Who the hell am I?

Emo Carebear

She is a 37 year old Australian woman. Currently living Newcastle, NSW. Spends her waking hours learning, loving, eating, trying her best to cook new meals, shopping for fun fashion online, chatting, flirting, discussing politics, and dancing the night away after a few drinks. The usual.

Melbourne November 2009 352

I’m a speech pathologist working with school aged kids, with a particular interest in inclusion support and Autism.


Sometimes I’m reserved, censoring myself for the world, other times you’ll wonder if I have any secrets. It just depends who you are, and what mood you’ve gotten me in.


I’m an atheist, and at times get on my little pony about the things that irritate me or confuse me about religions and religious people. They just don’t make that much sense to me. I think we’re wired differently.

I'm one of those atheists tshirt (from mushycat)

In syd is a food and lifestyle blog, and was registered on September 11, 2002.
I blog using WordPress. Basically, it rocks.
I’m hosted by Dreamhost.

Hosted by Dreamhost

I usually ramble about personal stuff, blogging the food I eat, and veges I try to grow, sometimes verge into news or politics, but if you’re reading, you’ll get the drift!

My digestive system hates me (well, it’s a mutual thing, I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome), so you’ll see some of the dairy-free, gluten-free, low fat, low sugar, etc foods that I’ve tried and my impressions. Oh and have my offloading my stresses and anxieties, as they also get in the way at times as I have fluctuating difficulties with my mental health. This has recently been labelled as Borderline Personality Disorder. This diagnosis is one which I show more of some days than others, but a useful guide which will help me navigate how I work with the world.

I’m here to rant, rave and have my piece of tehiNteRweBz.

Want to know more? Ask –

Birthday Weekend!

I love blog comments, dislike lurkers, even though I’m often a lurker myself!



The views expressed on this blog are mine and of course do not intend to represent the views of my employer or other organisations. The advertising you see is accepted based on the fact that I like the products, and the reviews you read are my honest opinion, regardless of financial benefit or having received ‘freebies’. If you have any concerns, please do email me to discuss.

Take care!



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    1. Hi Fiona! I just found your blog! :) I admire that you’re (re) learning Japanese (so you could speak and write it already?)! I’ve taken Japanese courses for two semesters at uni a few years ago, but forgot most of it. But I want to start again now! And of course go to Japan one day! The culture is so fascinating, and the country so beautiful!

    2. Fiona

      I did Japanese through highschool…. but I’ve never recaught up to that point! Unfortunately It’s slid again due to my other study commitments :(

    3. Could you choose Japanese as foreign language courses at highschool? I’d have loved to be able to do that! It isn’t offered in Germany, though. I’m thinking about starting a Japanese course at the foreign language institute of my uni. At least relearn privately what I’ve already learned in a course (kana, basic signs, and simple sentences) to start with.

    4. Fiona

      yep there was Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, French, German. Some later years also had an option of Indonesian.

    5. Cool, like an honest and open atheist – sometimes it is convenient in blogland to hail to some sort of almightly for extra points. Cheers.

    6. Great ‘about me’ page Fiona! I can get a real sense of who you are from this page. Super!

      I’m one of those ‘religious’ types myself (although I don’t own a little pony or get on one). I don’t claim to have it all figured out and have just as many questions about life and the universe as you probably do ;-)

      I’m normally a lurker too but I’d thought I’d say g’day to a fellow blogger and drop you a comment!

    7. Hi Fiona,
      Awesome to meet someone with so many similarities!
      I used to be a compulsive commenter, but more a lurker these days. I will try to rectify.
      Your Masters sounds fab.

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