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The Baby Animal Book

Red Parka card

I love it when projects I’ve supported through Pozible or Kickstarter and the like come true! The lastest one that has its reward pleasantly surprise me in the mail was The Baby Animal Book by Tasmania author and artist Jennifer Cossins!

The Baby Animal book by Jennifer Cossins

The book was an instant hit with Liam, who kept “reading” the page that tells us “A baby kangaroo is called a joey”! Too sweet!

Jennifer has a couple of other animal books available to purchase online, along with some funky tote bags and and plates celebrating animals and Tasmania. I think she might be getting an order from me the in the lead-up til Xmas!

Have you supported local artists lately? Tell me about it!

Coffee at Beyond Q Bookshop, Curtin

Beyond Q Bookshop, Curtin
Need to restock your Penguin collection? Beyond Q is the place!

Had some lovely coffee with Hannah the other day, exchanging stories about how our lives are rapidly changing and how we’re both handling (or not handling) the fear and anxiety that comes along with that. I’d not been into Beyond Q before, having walked past it on the odd occasions I visit Curtin shops to see a real estate agent or go to Coles for some strange reason.

Beyond Q Bookshop, Curtin
My soy latte. $4 and Yum :)

There was a rather excitable table of kiddies next to us with Bendigo Bank moneyboxes and babychinos (not from the Bendigo Bank) in tiny cute mugs. One even had soy. One of the boys kept saying “toklit” instead of chocolate and I had to switch my speechie brain off for awhile.

Beyond Q Bookshop, Curtin
Teadrop Lemongrass and Ginger for Hannah. $5 was a bit much for a teabag and water, I think. But then tea is always overpriced for what you actually get :\

I wish I’d taken more photos of the furniture and store, but I did take some of those free postcards, including one with an elephant, which I’ll post to Mum when I see out stamps.

Beyond Q Bookshop, Curtin

A Baby Shower Gift? (Go the Fuck to Sleep)

Go the fuck to sleep

Okay, you need to find someone to give this book to. Maybe not an expecting mother, maybe the Grandmother who’s seen it all before, or the parent of preschoolers? Or a childcare worker?

Go the fuck to sleep

I’m sure there’s someone suitable for it. My sister, perhaps, who has a toddler and another on the way? Perhaps Mother’s Day next year? :D

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In the Dark

Well, glad to see I’m not the only one with a morbid curiousity/need to read the Sweet Valley Confidential book! If you get it, let me know how terrible it truly is! (and lend it to me, hey? :p)


Stayed back tonight to get my March stats in, not QUITE at the last minute (due COB tomorrow!) but getting close! Unfortunately, the end of daylight savings meant walking home in the dark :( At least it wasn’t too cold, yet!

Has your day changed since the end of daylight savings? I can see I’m going to have to make the most of the light mornings while we’ve still got them! Gym session or a run I think!

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