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High Class Fashion On A Low Budget

Collaborative Post

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There can be special occasions when we all want to dress up a little more elegantly. This clothing can be expensive to buy, however there are ways to reduce these costs. Here are a few ways to afford luxury clothing.

Shop second-hand

Second-hand clothing is always much cheaper than brand new clothing. It’s unlikely you’ll find luxury dresses shopping at a thrift store or a charity shop, although you may get lucky. Consignment stores are often a better choice as they specialise in high end second hand clothing. On top of physical stores, you can use online second hand sites such as Preloved to find clothing – just make sure that pictures are included so that you have a good idea of the condition.

Shop online

There are many online stores such as Fresh Soul Clothing that specialise in affordable clothing with a luxury touch. These sites can sometimes sell cheaper than physical stores due to not having as many overheads. Just make sure to factor in the delivery cost when buying online. Most online stores now allow returns if an item of clothing isn’t the right fit, so don’t fret about the fact that you can’t try on these clothes first.

Hire expensive clothing

Buying isn’t the only option when it come to luxury clothing – hiring it from a company like Rent the Runway could allow you to get a luxury dress for a tenth of the price of buying it. Such companies dry clean and iron each dress so that it feels brand new when putting it on. Just make sure that you return the dress on time, as there could be a late return fee. It is possible to buy clothing from some of these companies if you’ve hired and don’t want to part with it, however you’ll be paying a premium to own it – more than were you to buy the dress from another retailer.

Borrow from a friend

If you know a friend or family member that’s the same size as you, it’s possible they may have an item of clothing that you could borrow when it comes to a one-off special event. This is ideal for most people – the idea that someone they know has worn it can turn a lot of people off – but if you’re skint and need an outfit, it could be a solution worth considering.

Swap clothes

Got a luxury dress that you’d be willing to swap with somebody? Sites like Swishing have become popular for clothes swapping and now have sections for boutique clothing. This could be a cheap way of getting a new luxury dress, whilst getting rid of an item in your wardrobe in the process. There may also be a clothes swap event near to you, however these events may not always have luxury clothing to choose from.

Where IS the problem?

I know I’ve managed to keep this place politics-free for a little while.

But this budget just keeps grinding away at me.

Where is the ENCOURAGEMENT to be a better person, a better nation? To support one-another (students, those fresh out of uni, the shot- and longer-term unemployed, people with disabilities, families, the older people who’ve give so damn much to society) to better ourselves individually? Where’s the carrot? It’s all stick.

How does a grown adult whose managed to complete Uni, but finds themselves in the THIRTY percent of graduates who can’t get a full time job in 4 months of finishing uni support themselves when their benefits get cut off the second they walk off campus?

How does a woman ever pay off her “HECS” once it starts accruing interest if she’s lucky enough to have a baby or two?
(sokay, it might be fine once she dies and those kids have to pay it [yeah out of date, but I wouldn’t put it past them!!])

How does someone who lives off casual wage – enough to pay rent and so on, enough to not consistently qualify for benefits or a concession card, but never enough for the unexpected, pay the $7 GP fee, plus the extra for prescriptions, as well as take time off from work because they’re sick? I’ve been a casual worker, and not just in hospitality, in a professional role as a speech pathologist, and weighing up whether to go in sick or not is an added stress I really don’t like dealing with.

Oh yeah, those of you who had a Costelllo baby. You know, one fore dad, one for mum, one for the country, and liked that Costello and Howard flicked you some money to help you out? Yeah, not this decade. Sorry guys, you get to pay the way for those over 6ers yourself. You know, if mum can find a 9:30 to 2:30 job somewhere so all the money she earns doesn’t go on daycare.

Or maybe you were relying on the NDIS to have continued funding so your job that your preciously state-funded job might still exist into the future? (add to that Gonksi, or secular “chaplains”)

What else?

Oh there’s a billion things, like cutting legal aid for vulnerable kids, women, indigenous people and refugees…. or deregulation of universities, or the constant reassessment if people on disability support

I could go on.

But I’m tired.

And really, where IS the problem?

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