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Ahh, my first real experience of Canberra’s firecracker availability over the June long weekend. I thought I’d taken a photo, but that wasn’t of fireworks, since I can never get good shots of that. Instead, it was of a shopping trolley filled with sticks, leaves and yellow-pages, with a few crackers thrown in, set alight for the amusement of what you would have generally thought to be reasonably mature adults.

But watching stuff burn is fun. Which is why I can home last night stinking of bonfire smoke, with a desperate need to wash my hair. I didn’t catch alight though. At one stage I had a few burning embers attach to my scarf, but those around me patted them out. How nice. :)

(in other news, I picked up a rather large bruise on my mid-back, around the spine on Saturday night. My theory is slipping off a chair and hitting my back on the wood, but I seriously don’t know how it got there. If anyone can enlighten me, that would be sweet of you!)

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