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Sydney Good Food and Wine Show

by Fiona on July 10, 2012 · 1 comment

Hobar2012 354 - Copy

I received my ticket to the Good Food and Wine Show from Chobani. It is, like, the most awesome Greek yoghurt out there. Seriously.

I was supposed to go with friends to the Good Food and Wine show. But they were sicked with the cold that’s been going around, and only let me know an hour before we were meant to meet *sadface* So, I was left to wander and sample on my own. Here are my thoughts…

Hobar2012 330 - Copy

Ahem…. Maybe I don’t share my thoughts on that pic ;)

Hobar2012 332 - Copy

Skinny Girl Cocktails were vamping it up, with skinny girls in mini skirts, and offering samples of their cocktails and also massages (not that I could be bothered waiting!). The Margarita was good. Ready to drink, with some rimming salt ;)

Hobar2012 331 - Copy

Hobar2012 327 - Copy

I dabbled in some Avocado oil. Hmmm… Think I’ll stick with Olive for the price…

Hobar2012 328 - Copy

There was a crapload of cider for sampling. Of which I tried none :(

Hobar2012 345 - Copy

I had a good chat to the people of Rowie’s Cakes about how great it was that they were supplying to the Qantas QFML and VGML range :) And their ANZAC bikkies were awesome.

Hobar2012 350 - Copy

Mmm Sake.

Hobar2012 351 - Copy

333s Gherkins and I go way back….

Hobar2012 352 - Copy

Can I have the Ritter Sport Bag?????? Please???

Hobar2012 340 - Copy

Then there was a stand that made me miss Hannah :/

Hobar2012 342 - Copy

Hobar2012 343 - Copy

Mmm Conscious Chocolate…

Hobar2012 341 - Copy

Hobar2012 334 - Copy

And coffee… Sweet sweet coffee…

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Planning out my week

by Fiona on June 17, 2012 · 5 comments

How is this not a plan? I have a few trips to the Central Coast and Sydney for appointments, Lady Gaga, and the Good Food and Wine Show… and maybe even seeing Ms Glowless to boot :) Do some running and bootcamp in there, then fly to Hobart for the Speech Pathology Australia conference, armed with gloves, hats and scarves, and running shoes, to find my speechie mojo and to see the lovely Foale ladies :)

Poker Face
Karaoke – Poker Face :)


#dpcon12. In food.

by Fiona on April 5, 2012 · 4 comments

Many others will discuss the content of the Digital Parents Conference. But I know what you want. You want FOOD PHOTOS. So, here we go!

Tea and real coffee on arrival

march2012 013

march2012 014

Gluten and dairy free muffins for morning tea.

march2012 016

march2012 017

The Lunch Spread

march2012 024

march2012 025

march2012 028

march2012 027

march2012 026

march2012 029

march2012 030

march2012 032

Afternoon Tea

march2012 036

march2012 038

march2012 039

Conference Dinner

march2012 050

march2012 052

march2012 056

march2012 057


Eat Drink Blog 2011

Where does one begin on a HUGE day with lots of eating, drinking, photographing and meeting oodles of awesome people?

Eat Drink Blog 2011
With the macarons and balls from Lindt …. rather popular!

Eat Drink Blog 2011

How about I do what I usually do? Start at the start and see how distracted I get along the way? That’s my voice ;)

Eat Drink Blog 2011
A day at the Electrolux demonstration kitchen… Such a warm sunny day!

Eat. Drink. Blog. 2011.

Eat Drink Blog 2011
The boys and girls from Toby’s Estate won our hearts with coffee at breakfast, morning and afternoon teas. Then they won our minds with chocolate coated coffee beans and Keep Cups in their swag bags ;)

Eat Drink Blog 2011
I got stuck into the juice the Breville girls were making fresh, and the fruit plates!

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Many of the others filled themselves with baked goods across the day from Brasserie Bread… (Including the lovely ladies from Impact :)

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Eat Drink Blog 2011

(They even do Gluten Free baking courses!!! I’ll have to check that out one of these days!)

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Continuing on the theme of eating and drinking, I was completely taken by the range of mineral waters from Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co.. Particularly the ginger beer, as I was feeling rather off much of the day :\

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Eat Drink Blog 2011
The upset stomach meant I couldn’t enjoy the lamb lunch as much as I would usually, but the bits I ate and kept down were great :) I did, however, go for a walk with a vegetarian, Laura during the lamb butchery. I needed air, people!!

Eat Drink Blog 2011

I suppose some of you also want to hear about the content of the day? And perhaps what I took from it?

I took oodles of notes during the talks. Loved the thoughts all of the speakers provoked, and was reassured that much of the message was “be yourself, do want you love, know who you are” oh and “don’t get sued”!! ;)

I think that while it was nice to hear about the legal aspects, again it comes down to being respectful, stopping taking photos if you are asked, and being sure to make sure your reviews are ‘reviews’ ie your own opinion, and not you being the next distributor of chef’s hats.

Aside from that I saw some awesomely huge lenses

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Eat Drink Blog 2011
Asian girls with big cameras

Eat Drink Blog 2011
Oh and Jen had awesome shoes.

Eat Drink Blog 2011

The Crab Masterclass smelled divine… even though I know my tongue couldn’t handle it ;)

Eat Drink Blog 2011

And after a very long day program, it was off into Kingsleys for dinner. The Steak and Crabhouse, not the chicken shop, as I explained my confusion to Sarah the Kingsleys PR girl who gave me a lift to the restaurant and the home! Now that’s service! ;)

Eat Drink Blog 2011

A few of us went for cocktails on arrival while we waited for the real dinner time. Mine (above) is the Mint and Zen, while below is Tom‘s Cancun Splash

Eat Drink Blog 2011

The chef tempted our tastebuds with Black Pudding and Veal Sweetbread

Eat Drink Blog 2011

And salmon on a bed of rice

Eat Drink Blog 2011

The sun went down on a warm Sydney night :)

Eat Drink Blog 2011

For entree, we were brought Smoked Yellow Fin Tuna Carpaccio with pickled chilli and pistacio nuts. Oh yum! This was matched with a yummy yummy St Hallet Riesling from Eden Valley.

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Sarah had a teeny bottle of coke! (pictured next to my mini moo card holder!)

Eat Drink Blog 2011

The main was Slow roasted beef tenderloin, and Wagyu flat iron steak. Both melted in my mouth, and I got a lot of them because everyone else was still full from a day of cake!! This was matched with a St Hallet Faith Shiraz. Nice.

Eat Drink Blog 2011

The sides

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Eat Drink Blog 2011

The onto dessert. I was presented with this gorgeous meringue with rhubarb and strawberries, while the others had cheeses..

Eat Drink Blog 2011

Eat Drink Blog 2011

I’m told the Rose matched the chees well, while I had to separate it from the dessert ;)

Thank you SO MUCH to the organisers and sponsors for a wonderful day!!! I’ll twitter and blog stalk you all soon! xxxx

Eat Drink Blog 2011


Today I Picked Up…

by Fiona on October 3, 2011 · 1 comment

Frankie Calendar, Foodies Guide to Sydney 2012

The 2012 Foodies Guide to Sydney, next year’s Frankie Calendar and the program for the Art and About thingy that’s on this month in Sydney :) Loved the photos in Hyde Park North!

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How much better is Gourmet Farmer than, say, the boring recipes on Better Homes and Gardens, or kitchen disasters on the reality shows? It DOES make me want to live on a little farm, at least, like the city slicker I am, only on weekends, and have people tend the animals, and harvest the veges for me, ready for me to cook em.

One day. When I’m rich ;) Cos I’m realistic like that.


How to find Real Food at the Supermarket

by Fiona on January 9, 2011 · 3 comments

Via Summer Tomato

Via Summer Tomato.


December, awesome foods, glimpse of Beechworth, and one more day of work!

December 21, 2010

I have a million photos from Beechworth and had an excellent time on the weekend – it’s great to get away just the two of us before xmas madness begins. My body wasn’t too happy by Sunday night with the nibbles of cakes, tastings of wine, snippets of cheese and the like that I subjected […]

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November 8, 2010

I just need to learn to pace myself. With everything. And learn that even if something is considered healthy, and it tastes delicious, I probably shouldn’t go back for seconds, because too much of anything, no many how healthy, doesn’t work well for my innards, and I’ll feel the effects later. Small steps.

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Canberra / Nara Festival

September 23, 2010

I didn’t stay for the lighting of the candles, but I was there for some squid balls (and the queue for them), some cakes, caligraphy, and some martial arts demonstrations… Rish getting thrown around

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Kuala Lumpur

August 23, 2010

Late night curry after clubbing Okay. KL. What to do but eat? :) (oh or watch Rish eat when it gets too much for me!) (Fittingly publishing this on Rish’s birthday! Happy Birthday dear! xx)

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