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Steps To Take To Increase Your Speed

Collaborative Post Are the actual speeds you are receiving nowhere close to being the “up to” speeds that were advertised on your package? The following are some practical free steps that can be taken to speed your broadband up. Fortunately, they are all fairly simple. Try to do the following: Reset the router, flush out…

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Shit-stirring on the Internet and Families don’t mix!

It’s a well known fact that the internet can let you express any opinion you want. Any opinion you want, that is, so long as you’re prepared to be challenged, laughed at, or just plain torn down. I thought EVERYONE knew this, until a recent encounter. This post by The Friendly Atheist was doing the…

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Mass Shootings and the Internets

Another mass shooting. Yeah, in the US. What a surprise. Watching social media flare up. “Pray for the families” “Control the guns” “People kill People” “Pray?? How about doing something useful” “You’re heartless to say things like that” “OMG people are going about their business, how DARE they” I know, let’s turn on each other.…

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