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Shit-stirring on the Internet and Families don’t mix!

YOu have enemies? GoodThat means that youve stood up for something at sometime

It’s a well known fact that the internet can let you express any opinion you want.

Any opinion you want, that is, so long as you’re prepared to be challenged, laughed at, or just plain torn down.

I thought EVERYONE knew this, until a recent encounter.

This post by The Friendly Atheist was doing the rounds. How do you spot a fake psychic? They claim to be psychic. You know, not an out there opinion, but it was in reply to some “real” psychics advising their victims how to spot a “fake” psychic.

Chuckled at this, posted it, and then had a reply from someone saying that they believed in psychics so each to his own.

A couple of days later, this same girl posted that she was going to a psychic fair, and I quipped to my boyfriend “I don’t see myself making it” and LOL’d at the terribleness of the joke, and so had to share it immediately….

Theres a psychic fair in tamworth I dont see myself making it

So groanworthy. And when I got a “lol” at the end of a comment I thought all was well.

Until a barrage of messages complaining to the bf that I’m a closed minded bitch. Cue my trying to explain that people critisize ideas on the internet, and that while she was the trigger for my hilarious joke, it didn’t make me not like her. But you know, I’m the bad guy for suggesting she lighten up, and that she might want to look outside her own experience. But then, I’m the closed minded childish one, not the people who has her hands over her ears going LALALALA.

Then this James Randi doco popped up on Reddit – Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds, but she wouldn’t have a bar of it. It’s been pulled from most video sites now, but if you can hunt it, it’s totally worth the watch!!!

Oh well. I’ve been blocked now and have ruined everything, but you know, people will move on in time, and I’m sure my mischievous nature will put me on someone else’s naughty list soon. (yeah I know this post is no olive branch and will only cause more trouble!)

read the fine print

My take-away from this? Relatives and Facebook don’t mix. Not for me anyway!

Have you even regretted expressing your opinion online?

Mass Shootings and the Internets


Another mass shooting. Yeah, in the US. What a surprise.

Watching social media flare up.

“Pray for the families”

“Control the guns”

“People kill People”

“Pray?? How about doing something useful”

“You’re heartless to say things like that”

“OMG people are going about their business, how DARE they”

I know, let’s turn on each other.

Or on the gunman, who I’m sure is only slightly more screwed up than many of us.

He just cracked it

And had access to decent weapons.


take care my pretties xxxx

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