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Om nom nom

$12.95? AMAZING

Bones Bakery
Shop 5, Waratah Shopping Village, Turton Rd, Waratah NSW 2298
Phone: (02) 49675131


newcastle mirage blog meet


moon boy Murrays beer

I love a good blog meet, talking “shop” with people who get that google analytics and referral terms are a thing that matters! A huge thank you to the Newcastle Mirage boys (did you know ZINES were still a thing???) for organising it and getting the beer from Murray’s Brewery for us gals to try!

being the little lioness

I may have kittied up, thanks to Kitten Cream and Kitten’s Playpen.

Murray's Whale Ale

angry man murrays pale ale

Mmm…. beer

common fix cold brew coffee

And COFFEE!!! Some gorgeous yums from Common Fix Cold BreW. Gorgeous team behind it and nommy coffee…. esp with VODKA!

four to the floor

Me and the peachy keen mumma!

Oh hello there Peachy Keen Mumma!!!

hello naomi bikkies

mmmm Hello, Naomi bikkies!

you're a mug mate

You’re a mug mate….


EDITED 13/10 – I was asked rather nicely to take these images (and the post, but that’s not happening) down by a member of the birthday party Jeff was with last night. Since I don’t feel like too much hassle I’ll run with it – but I think whoever posted the pics originally will realise that the photos are all on Twitter and Facebook anyways.
“I was apart of the group that celebrated Jeff McCloy’s birthday last night. The cake was an innocent joke and should never have been posted online. We would greatly appreciate it if you deleted the images and posts from your blog.” – Nice enough.

So, last night the Twitters were all a flutter with some pictures of Jeff McCloy with a birthday cake making light of the brown paper bags of cash he supposedly handed over to politicians and so forth, as came to light in ICAC earlier this year.

Photos removed, but I’m sure you can find them if you like.

Oh look, NBN posted them, and The Herald

Can I put them back in the post now?

Jeff McCloy and his cake

Jeff Moneybags McCloy's Cake

Of course he didn’t know about the cake before he had it in front of him, and it was just an unfortunate joke, but social media is unforgiving when a city has been burned.


Dudley Lamb Burger

People on the Facebooks have been RAVING about Newy Burger Co which is located inside the Crown and Anchor on Hunter Street right at the end of the Mall.

Dudley Lamb Burger

And now I know why! $10 gourmet burgers with super fresh ingredients in a casual pub atmosphere. With Gluten Free options, a kids menu and sides! – This one is the “Dudley” burger – A lamb pattie with feta cheese, homemade coleslaw and mint jelly. Simple, and delish. And went well with the James Squire apple cider they have on tap at the Crown!!

A heads up – The burger co takes cash only (and has separate registers to the pub)

Check out their menu online.

Newy Burger Co

Gotta try em all!

Newy Burger Co
Crown and Anchor Hotel
189 Hunter Street Newcastle


Wine tasting @ Inner City Winemakers

We used a Groupon deal (still available as of writing this) to go to Inner City Winemakers in Wickham for a (private, because there was noone else there and it was cold and miserable outside) wine tasting that came with cheese and a couple of discounted bottles to take home (and are sitting waiting for an excuse to drink them, like, you know, I get a job or something!)

Wine tasting @ Inner City Winemakers

We went through the progression from sparking, to white, red and then finished with a WONDERFUL Tokay (grapes from Rutherglen, which I’ve decided is a MUST for an Australian Tokay) straight from the barrel that I will be purchasing for Christmas.

Wine tasting @ Inner City Winemakers

Some wonderful wines, with the reds made onsite, the whites in the Hunter, from grapes sources from the Hunter, Orange and New England (Tenterfield!)

Wine tasting @ Inner City Winemakers

The Street Art Series wines are both wonderfully full of flavour and have such delightful labels – again, great gifts for fathers day or Christmas!

Inner City Winemakers

We went home with the Cabernet Merlot and the Sangiovese Shiraz, though if finances allowed there would have been a bubbly and a Tokay in there!!

Inner City Winemakers
28 Church Street
Wickham, NSW 2293
Phone: 02 4962 3545


Nan's Dumpling House

OMG, so many dumplings.

One thing about being a food blogger, and it being your birthday this week, is that you can easily talk your friendship group into gorging them self on dumplings in the interest of trying the new dumpling house in town.

Nan's Dumpling House

We ate SOOOOOOO many dumplings over a two hour period.

Pork, vego, crab, chicken. Different shapes and sizes.

And wound up with a bill under $14/head.

Nan's Dumpling House

With a dash of rice for variety.

Nan's Dumpling House

And THEN for some reason, we were talked into utilising our dessert stomachs for coffee and cake at Cafe de Beaumont

Lemon Meringue

Yeah, I rolled to the car.

But I’m SOOOOOOOO glad for good cheap dumplings in Newcastle!!!

(and that they dealt well with my useless booking skills and constantly expanding table!)

Nan’s Dumpling Time
4/79 Beaumont St, Hamilton
(behind EuroBar)
(02) 4961 6350

Cafe de Beaumont
70 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303
(02) 4962 3671

(PS since people keep coming here looking for the menu – here it is!!!)

Nan's Dumpling Time Hamilton Menu 2014
Nan’s Dumpling Time Hamilton Menu 2014


Hey check out those handsome fellas. You’d give them a couple million dollars for a house, right? :)

How do you get the profile pic you want for the Newspaper feature to “launch” your local start-up? Apparently, you spend the afternoon wandering around the CBD of Newcastle, trying to get the right angles in front of buildings that are Newcastle.

Mesa88 @ Sprocket Roasters

(I wasn’t allowed to use the giant penis *pouts*)


So, Rish plied me with coffee and this DELICIOUS brushetta (with olives, goats cheese, mushrooms, chorizo and quinoa) and we hit the streets. Seriously, the lunch was amazing (from the Goldbergs special’s board) and Rish was so jealous that he didn’t buy it for himself!


It’d been so long since I’d been to the Civic Park / Newcastle Library precinct that I didn’t realise that they’d FINALLY finished the street between the two. This stark, grey, concrete area goes well with the Stasi-esque architecture of the library….


We had AMAZING weather that day! I got a little bit of sun, but was fortunately not sunburned.


Outside the old Post Office is where we got the final shot …. actually one of our first!

Sprocket ROasters

Didn’t stop us from another coffee at Newcastle’s own Sprocket Roasters and a few happy snaps ;)


What would you say is the most “Newcastle” place you know? Nobby’s? The ocean baths? Fanny’s?

Disclaimer: Rish, and The Winterlake House may look familiar for long term readers ;) He and Camillo are friends of mine, and I helped them out with some photos the other day in exchange for a full belly, parking, petrol and tonnes of coffee. I wasn’t asked to make this post, it’s just because the food was so awesome that I can’t NOT write about the day!


Matso's Lime and Ginger

Even though I’m not a beer drinker, there’s plenty of yummy options at The Hop Factory for a lazy Sunday afternoon drink.

Caught up with some friends on the weekend, because one is off north for her final year of uni, and got to taste this delicious Matso’s Lime and Ginger cider. A wonderful summer taste, given I was tossing up between it and the three ginger beers on the menu, it had enough ginger for me :)

The Hop Factory Darby Street Cheese Platter $18

A cheese platter and some live cover music (a guy with an acoustic guitar covering a very wide range of tunes, including Come as you are, some John Butler, and a little Incubus!) made for quite a pleasant afternoon.

The Hop Factory
102 Darby Street
Cooks Hill NSW 2300
PH: 02 4929 4854


Two lots of schnitzel for you. One a fancy pants $15 but with gourmet toppings and the other two for $15 with basic sauces but still good chicken.


Here we have the Duke of Wellington’s (in New Lambton) Monday and Tuesday night two for $15 offering. Here with the  mushroom sauce,  and chips and salad. Other options include ypur regular steak sauces like pepper and Dianne.

nacho schnitty

Next up is the fancier $15 schnitzel from the Warners Bay hotel brasserie.  Shown here with the nacho topping.  Certainly fancier, but still a $15 meal.

Any other Monday night schnitzels you’d suggest I try?


Seaview Malaysian, Redhead

November 21, 2012 · 1 comment

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead
Gluten Free Sponge from Slice of Life. Yum!

A family birthday dinner in a Malaysian Chinese Restaurant in the suburb of Redhead. Seaview Malaysian was able to adjust our meals so all dishes were gluten free, and boy we were stuffed by the end of it!

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead
Prawn Toast (not GF)

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead
Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead
Short Soup

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead
Sang Choi Bao type Lettuce Wraps. This was my entree and it was awesome :D :D

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead

So, Rish and I were starting to admit defeat after the entrees (I had only really had lunch at about 5pm too), but somehow, as the soft shell crab came out (no photos – way too yum in the salt and peppere gluten free batter!), and then the other dishes started to arrive we made an effort :p

(photos not included include the noodles, fried rice, honey chicken, tomato braised beef and probably one more dish!)

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead
Sweet and Sour pork was … sweet.

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead
Amazing lemon chicken. Nice tender chicken pieces, great sauce. I could have eaten this all myself!

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead
My order. Veges and tofu

There was room for cake, or in Rish’s case, Deep fried ice cream! He can never say no!

Liz's Birthday at Seaview Malaysian, Redhead

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