Prioduct Talk by Nuffnang


So, I am a person who sweats. I’m a warm body, plus I get anxious, so having a good deodorant is kinda essential to functioning in the real world.

Nuffnang sent me a couple of the Dove Pure deodorants, the spray and the roll on, to have a try of….

Because of the following, I thought I might as well give them a try, plus, they also claim to be 48 hour deodorants. Which, for a sweaty pinkie, means they tendto last the day….

• NO Parabens
• NO Colourants
• NO Fragrance
• NO alcohol*
*Refers to Ethyl Alcohol.

So… what did I think?

The spray
A couple of issues here, the main one being the powdery residue left on my underarms, even after following the explicit instruction to hold 15cm away and spray for no more than three seconds. Yep, as advertised, there is no scent to it, and it mostly did its job, but that meant to me for lasting for 10 hours, not 48!

Roll on
I don’t think this one was as effective as the spray in being un-pit-smelling. Didn’t last as long, and since it’s unscented, there was no baby poowder smell (like in the deodorant I prefer to use) to mask things.

As far as sensitivity and being nice to my skin goes, I think they were fine… but sorry guys, I’m not a convert!


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aug2012 116

The Lovely Lady Smaggle got this freebie sent my way to test out on my hairy winter (transitioning to spring!) legs.. And I have to say it’s GREAT on the legs, whip it over, gets to hair off without any hassles! Spring ready!

The downside is that the moisturising strip which is great on my legs gets in the way for armpit use, all gooey and stuff. We’ll see if it gets better with time.

aug2012 117


The winner of the fussy eater’s fruit box from Aussie Farmers Direct is Kylie with her comment:

I cannot eat peas or raw tomato. Tomato in any form except raw I can do. As such I don’t feed them to my kids. On the other hand, my kids have an aversion to chicken nuggets because, and I quote “That’s NOT chicken, there’s no bones!”. If they can’t recognise the food, they won’t eat it. I have no idea where this has come from, but it as made life interesting for the grandparents who try to “spoil/treat” them and my kids turn their noses up at the junk food.



So, I won this from Mrs Woog with the most inane comment ever:

And I’m, to use the words of Justin Norris, stoked. (Bogan, hey? Yeah, takes one to know one :p)

I don’t use the stylus much, but I love the purrrty screen, and it’s so android and awesome.

And yes, its big, but I carry bags, so I so don’t care. :)

And I’ve been letting people choose their own ringtones… Whatcha reckon for Rish? ;)

I’m still in love with Shirley.


I received half a dozen of these little bottles as part of Product Talk by Nuffnang, I have not received payment for this post

DO NOT take how oily my hair looks in this photo as evidence of the use of this oil. I just haven’t washed my hair in close to a week. Because I’m slack like that at the moment.

So, I got half a dozen of these little bottles of Dove Nutri Oil Serum to play with and review. Threw one the way of my flatmate, who had only positive things to say, so positive she was lacking words when I asked for her opinion:

As far as I was concerned, I loved the smell, and it did reduce the frizz levels on my frizzy hair (think I used it two days post wash). And it was a great excuse to have Rish brush my hair :) *spoilt*

Do you use products like this on your hair? I have to admit to being super lazy, but you know, if it’s sitting there, it may well get used!


SEPT2011 203

Following my rocking up to a Mummy Blogger event without being a mummy, I’ve made a few PR contacts that are playing out well. One offered me the loan of a Sony Xperia Arc for a month or so to have a play. Uhoh, this will only make me sad about my current phone, right?

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
Helps me to keep up with such intelligent banter on Twitter

Things I loved about it

  • It’s purrrty.
  • The screen is pretty too. Though I’m sure it flickers at times. Or was that me blinking?
  • It’s light!
  • The camera. Mostly. Once I got used to it anyway, some of my photos turned out nicely. Some not so, mostly because I found it hard to take a photo and keep my hand steady.
  • The memory. Must bigger than my little HTC legend. SOOOOO many more apps I can download. hehe.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
The GPS is better than my HTC Legend. Doesn’t get me through Sydney traffic any faster, though!

Things that bugged me

  • It’s a bit temperamental about where you hold it so you can be heard on the other end.
  • Sony’s wall charger. It has the cable go out sideways, which is annoying on a powerboard.
  • Didn’t bounce as well as my other phone *ahem*
  • Battery life still isn’t great in these smartphones, hey? Not if you actually wanna use it.
  • It went through a few phases of restarting itself.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

What phone features can you no longer live without?


Philips Airfryer fish and Chips

I don’t deep fry very often. I’ll do prawn crackers (noms), pappadams, and I think that’s about it. I occasionally eat oven chips, but I’m doing that less and less. So when I was sent the Philips Airfryer to review, I was looking at it more along the lines of doing my home made chips and the like in a quicker and more efficient way than heating up the oven for a single portion of chips for me.

Phillips Air FryerPhillips Air Fryer
I love the colours, and the hideaway cord!

So I decided to first give some homemade chips a go. Simple enough, and then if they’re leftover you can heat them up in the airfryer and the recrisp! (take that, microwave)

Phillips Air FryerPhillips Air Fryer

Then, a few nights later, I got all adventurous with the fish and chips. Coated some (half price! what timing!) cod fillets in egg and gluten free flour batter, then added some corn chip crumbs (the homebrand ones are naturally gluten free) and used the divider to cram the chips and fish in the airfryer all at once…

Philips Airfryer fish and ChipsPhilips Airfryer fish and Chips
Mmm unappetising…

About 20 minutes later (I can’t remember, but it’s easy enough to give it a few more or less minutes) we had fish and chips all crispy and ready to plate up with salad.

Philips Airfryer fish and Chips

Will have to say that the basket was a PAIN to clean the batter out of… may have not been its purpose, but I gave up, and Rish found he had to scrub a lot and got a fair bit of green scourer sponge stuck in the wire. The black part was easy to clean though, and I’m sure if we whacked it in a dishwasher (which we’re lacking in and I miss!) like the manual says you can it would come off.

Philips Airfryer fish and Chips

Next, I tried something easy that’s been sitting in our freezer since a vegetarian came to a BBQ at our place, and the closest thing to chicken nuggets I had on hand..

Vegetable fingers

Birdseye Vegetable Fingers, it was. I preheated the Airfryer to 200 degrees for 5 minutes (might have taken less time, but my house is freezing, so I popped it on till it pinged), then whacked a handful in for six minutes.

Vegetable fingers

Look at that! That worked well. And I’m surprised at the amount of vegies in the finger :) With the amount of fish fingers I ate as a kid, this would have been super handy. Which is why I think its new home may be with my sister (if she wants it, I’m yet to ask), who has a toddler, and husband and a bub on the way, I’m sure it wold make chicken nugget cooking more energy and time efficient ;) And with the cost of electricity, and our time poor ways, it may be worth your while… For the rrp of $329 I would say weigh up your options though, it sounds like an expensive nugget cooker. (But who pays retail these days? Shop around, look at sales if you think this is for you, if you find it for say $150 and you do all the stuff that would be cooked in it then go for it, but personally I’m sticking with my regular oven).

Disclosure: I did not receive payment for this review, however I was given the Airfryer to keep and review. The opinions are mine or those of my awesome partner who had to do the washing up.


Does your parcel post guy deliver on the weekends? Ours does at times, and one of those times he arrived with a package from a Gillette Venus Embrace razor to take to my legs and review… Shortly after comparing hairy legs at a fun run! Timing!

Gilette Venus Embrace

Now I’m a leg shaver from way back – way back to hacking my ankles open with single bladed disposable razors on a regular basis through high school. I’m that dedicated. I’ve had them waxed maybe twice in my life, before extended holidays, but honestly, I’m happy to run the razor over them most summer mornings to keep away the stubble, I can’t deal with waiting. Yes, I’m impatient. Oh, and yes I do have other means of hair removal… Mostly completed by the skilled hands of the girls at Brazilian Butterfly or the occasional torture session with the epilator… erm…

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