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Pretty Nail Minis – OPI Venice

I received these O.P.I nailpolishes for review thanks to Coty

OPI Venice Collection nailpolish

I do love OPI nailpolishes – I just haven’t been able to justify their price lately for the full-sized polishes, which is where the mini collections can be great!

The Venice collection (for US Fall/Winter 2015) comes with a Peach (A Great Opera-tunity), Copper (Worth a Pretty Penne), Red (Amore at the Grand Canal) and Black (My Gondola or Yours?).

The black was a little thin so needed 4 coats to be opaque, but lasted well with a nice shine. The copper and red are gorgeous, I have the copper on my toes right now! The peach was nice and opaque and dried super-fast. Not my colour, but a good peach for you blondies out there.

What colour are your nails at the moment?

Ez’s New Best Friend – Win a Ballerina & Me doll for your tiny dancer!

Ez received a Ballerina and Me doll for review

Why not bring joy and imagination to a little girl’s world?

Can't wait to open this with Ez this afternoon!!! #bloglife

So awesomely, we received a Ballerina and Me doll to dance with, get to know, and review.

Getting to know her new @ballerinaandme doll #gifted #bloglife

Ballerina & Me doll is a child life-size dancing doll. Fasten her elastic dancing straps to any little girl’s hands and feet and watch the magic happen. She’ll pirouette and prance all day long. With music, love and a sprinkle of imagination, she danced her way straight into our hearts! The Ballerina dolls come with a range of hair styles and skin tones, and pink, fushia or red tutus, leotards and hair bows.


Each has a name, the name that Ez’s came with was Scarlet, but I’m more than certain she will be re-Christened at some stage.

16487_10153011042255264_6133986905112415439_n (1)
Reading Seuss Together

Ez fell for her immediately.

Tucked up

Taking her for a dance lesson, doing the daily reader, tucking into bed.

Selfies time!

This life-sized doll is much more than a dancing partner, she is a BFF, and I’m sure will get a haircut or makeover in the not-too-distant future. And at $49.95 (+postage), it’s an affordable gift for your little dancer ;)
11889463_10153011038615264_7628346503932438436_n (1)
“Waiting for Dance class”

So, here’s your chance to win one of these tiny dancers for your little boy or girl. No promises they’ll be BFFs, but they weill be BFs for some time!

Simply answer the question in the comments below and record it in the widget – “Why Does you Little one NEED this Ballerina and Me doll?”. The most awesome answer will win as judged by me and Miss Ez. Judge’s decision is final.

Ballerina And Me Doll

Sharing is awesome, but will bring you bloggy karma but not extra entries. xx

Aussie addresses only. Closes Sept 7 2015.

Hold me closer, tiny dancer

Frico Dutch Cheeses – a taste test!

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Frico Cheese

Frico Cheese

Wen you are sorting out a cheese platter, what do you get for it?

Frico Cheeses

I’m thinking the typical Aussie gets a Camembert/Brie, a hard or crumbly cheddar, and maybe one of those fruity almond and apricot cheeses. to go with some crackers and maybe some olives.

Frico Cheeses

Or you could be like my sister, and love the tradditional cheese cubes, cabonossi and Jatz?

Frico Cheeses>

But, have you tried any of the “semi-soft” yellow cheeses that those lovely Dutch people make? Full of flavour like a blue or brie, but harder in their presentation? Hard enough to cube or slice, but still melting in the mouth?

Frico Cheeses

Frico Dutch cheeses are like that. Still needing to be chewed, but packed full of flavour.. Especially the gouda. OMG. Can I have some alone time with it? And the smokey? just disappeared (into my mouth)!

Frico Cheeses

You can get them at Woolies (and Aldi this week if you’re quick!) in the cheese section near the deli. I recommend adding some prosciutto and olives and making a delightful platter.

frico cheese woolies

Amd OMG the maasdam melts beautifully! Perfect for those gourmet toasties!

gooey cheese porn

Because you still need sun protection in Winter – Banana Boat Review and Giveaway

I was gifted these Banana Boat products to review

First, an earworm….

You’re welcome :p

Banana boat spray sunscreen

So, I got this cool spray on Banana Boat sunscreen to make sure I keep screening up in winter – and it’s so easy to apply – look!!

No messyness, no white stuff, smells alright too!

So why should you keep on sunscreening in winter? (aside from the obvious need to at the snow where it’s a MUST and you’ll still get goggle tanlines anyway!)

UV in Australia can still be pretty damn intense even when you’ve only got your face exposed to the elements. Any more than the 10 mins for vitamin b is still a bit much for pasties like me.
1400 people died from skin cancer each year in Australia.
Things like Sunscreen lip balms are amazing for keeping your lips from becoming cracked and ewie.
Even if you’re not prone to burning, protecting your skin from UV rays is helpful for holding back wrinkles and the like (experience lines, sure, but I’m for keeping them away a little longer, I still get carded dammit!)

Want to give this spray on sunscreen a try? I have two cans to giveaway to Australian based readers. Just follow the instructions in the Gleam giveaway widget below.

And enjoy that sunshine! Banana Boat Giveaway

Rimmel Oh My Gloss!

I was sent these products from Rimmel to review

oh my gloss

Oh My Gloss! by Rimmel is the first lipgloss I’ve worn in awhile, having mostly stuck with lipbalms lately, so I was impressed with the feel on my lips – not “sticky” like the glosses I’m used to. And smelled nice too!

oh my gloss

Love Bug is my favourite of the three colours I was sent. A light shimmer :)

ez lip gloss

Ez loved the Rebel Red, and we were tryign to decide who got to keep Pin Up ;)

I’m rather sceptical of the “Up to 6 hours” claim, because I’m sure it was gone in half an hour…



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