Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea

February 6, 2015 · 3 comments

Lipton sparkling ice tea

Lipton ice tea is now available with a light sparkle – in cans and bottles. There’s only the three varieties – Classic Lemon, Zero Sugar Lemon , and Peach. I got the two lemon ones to try and compare. No point me getting the peach as I don’t particularly like peach ice tea.

They all have a good amount of real tea extract in them, and that nice lemony twist. The classic was certainly nicer than the diet version due to the artificial sweetener taste. Kinda wish they would just have low sugar versions rather than making them odd with any non sugar sweeteners – yes that include odd things like Natvia.

So, will totally buy the classic lemon again, especially to have with sushi, as that is the best time for ice tea :)


Menulog Website

So the dear people at Menulog flicked me a voucher so I could try out their online home delivery ordering system. I’ll show you how it works, and if you’re still with me at the end of the post you can enter to win a $50 Menulog food voucher!

So , the restaurants in the Newcastle area are slowly joining up to sites like Menulog, but if you enter your home suburb or postcode, it’s easy to see who you can order home delivery from online, and the extra places who you can order from online (and pay with CC, PayPal or cash when you get there) in the area.

Search for who delivers to your Suburb


Select where you want to order from

(realise that you have two choices, and Thai sounds more appealing in the heat than Indian, so you select Nara Thai and Uncle Raja’s, where you worked all through Uni and hope the food is still as good as 10 years ago! This would also be the restaurants that left me car smelling of various curries, me stained with onion smell for a week after chopping bags and bags of onions, and turned a while car seat cover orange with butter chicken sauce… Nice food though, and certainly not the worst place to work through Uni, given the stories friends tell! Plus, sooooo much pad thai!)


Step 3 – Browse the menu and start adding things to your order/cart


The delivery fee (based on your original suburb search) is already included in the total


There will be a pop-up that asks you when you would like your delivery to arrive


I selected 7pm, however it arrived at 6.15pm… Not great if you were waiting for people to come home for dinner…Or in our case we weren’t that hungry yet!

You then click order – enter your full address, and click through to PayPal (or enter your CC details) to pay the bill!


You get this neat little confirmation SMS (along with email) with the restaurant’s phone number to call direct if there are any issues

SMS confirmation

And look at the yummy food I got!

Nara Pad Thai
Pad Thai – yummy as ever

Nam Tok beef thai salad
(spicy!) Nam Tok Beef Salad – love the flavours in this

Thai salads
(think the Nam Tok needs a chili next to it too!)

Nara Thai fish cakes and Uncle Raja's onion bahjee
Thai Fish Cakes and Indian Onion Bahjee. Because I can. (They clearly had their oil up too hot…)

Win a $50 Menulog food voucher

Okay, so if you’d like to win the $50 Menulog voucher, tell me in the comments a story about where you worked when you were still in school or Uni. Does it still exist? Would you dare set foot in there again?

The winner will be determined by how awesome and funny/terrifying/breaking of all labour laws their comment is as judged by my co-eater Bruce. Entries close at Midnight Monday November 10th, 2014. The voucher expires one month after you win it and is valid for orders in Australia only.

Good Luck!!


First things first – Here’s the food:

Bay of India

Butter chicken, Paneer Saag, Rogan Josh, Cheese and Garlic Naans, Onion Bahji and Chicken Tikka. All bound to be amazing, all having graced this palate before. Bay of India is awesome. End of Story!

Which, is why when I was given $50 to play with to try out the ordering system, I was glad that while I only had two home delivery options for Valentine (the other being my former Uni-Daze employer), that this was one, and the food I was to receive would be great :)

So, when you get to EatNow, you search for your location, selecting pickup or delivery (default)


You can register for an account easily, and they take paypal, credit card, or cash at pickup or delivery.

Ordering lets you click across the items you want to your tally on the right there…. Bay of India have 10% off your first order, so more bonus!


It tallies it up as you go, so you know know you’re on budget.


You get to choose options, like how hot the dish is! Also, select from the drop down when you want your delivery – I ended up choosing 630pm, and it got here at 633pm… I’ll pay that!! ;)


Select payment type and give them your money….

(You get email and sms confirmations, which includes the restaurant’s number if there are issues)

And wait… eat… and review!!!



The Best Eats awards are on at the moment – and you can nominate any of the restaurants they serve! Plus, you could win a trip to Morocco, Italy or Mexico for a foodie’s dream trip (or one of ten $250 voucher for EatNow, which is pretty sweet too!)

Have you ordered food online? Was it this easy?


Product Talk by Nuffnang

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

I was sent a couple of boxes of Uncle Toby’s Quick Oats Sachets via Nuffnang to have a try of and tell you about.

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets
Creamy Honey. With extra sugar cos they weren’t for me

I’ve been eating oats in winter forever. I’ll put it up front, that I prefer just getting plain oats or plain quickoats and doing them in the microwave with milk and (preferably brown) sugar. But since the world is all about convenience, I’ve had these sorts of things sitting in my draw at work for a post gym breakfast or a warm afternoon snack.

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

So, what do I like about these and their flavours?

I like the built in measuring cup on the sachet! No more guesstimating or rummaging for a certain cup measure to add the milk with. After that you only need to stir and whack it in the microwave for 90 seconds. Easy peasy.

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

Apple and Cinnamon was my favourite flavour. But then, cinnamon is great, right?

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

The apple and honey was the boring one… it needed way more apple to be able to notice it under the honey. If I’d had apples on hand, I probbly would have put half an apples worth of slices on it.

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

The raspberry highlights in the last one was a pleasant surprise.

So, how do you cook your oats? Does something easy like this appeal to you?


New funky glasses from @firmoo #gifted

So, the good PR people from Firmoo, this cheap as glasses site, offered me another free pair of glasses… so what else is a girl to say but “YES!”.

This pair you see me sporting is normally $26 with normal lenses (script but not as strong as I need). Generally, the glasses on this site for my blind as a bat script are around $70 complete….. but that’s still a million times (don’t quote me on the maths, four unit was 14 years ago now!) cheaper than my $500 plus glasses here when bought through a retail store (yes, even with cheap ass frames… I have a rather expensive script to fill).

I would honestly recommend giving Firmoo a go for your next, or at least for your spare, pair of glasses. Cute styles, cheap shipping, and perfect for us plebs without extras cover!

What do you think? These glasses are rocking, and I’m sure will help me once my job interviews come through!



Mug Shots, hey?

May 20, 2014 · 0 comments

I was sent a bunch of these instant (well five minute) noodle and pasta packets to have a try of and let you guys know about.


My first reaction? PERFECT for my desk drawer. You know, when I get back to work. Or, stashed in the handbag so I can just add hot water from a magical hot water urn that I can access in the staff room when I’m visiting some primary school.

(A girl on the road needs sustenance!)


There a range of flavours, and I completely prefer the pasta to the noodle ones, but they’re warm and nicely filling for their $1.51 price (shame some have palm oil…. I’ll keep an eye on that…)

What do you think? What’s your favourite “instant” lunch?


Prioduct Talk by Nuffnang


So, I am a person who sweats. I’m a warm body, plus I get anxious, so having a good deodorant is kinda essential to functioning in the real world.

Nuffnang sent me a couple of the Dove Pure deodorants, the spray and the roll on, to have a try of….

Because of the following, I thought I might as well give them a try, plus, they also claim to be 48 hour deodorants. Which, for a sweaty pinkie, means they tendto last the day….

• NO Parabens
• NO Colourants
• NO Fragrance
• NO alcohol*
*Refers to Ethyl Alcohol.

So… what did I think?

The spray
A couple of issues here, the main one being the powdery residue left on my underarms, even after following the explicit instruction to hold 15cm away and spray for no more than three seconds. Yep, as advertised, there is no scent to it, and it mostly did its job, but that meant to me for lasting for 10 hours, not 48!

Roll on
I don’t think this one was as effective as the spray in being un-pit-smelling. Didn’t last as long, and since it’s unscented, there was no baby poowder smell (like in the deodorant I prefer to use) to mask things.

As far as sensitivity and being nice to my skin goes, I think they were fine… but sorry guys, I’m not a convert!


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aug2012 116

The Lovely Lady Smaggle got this freebie sent my way to test out on my hairy winter (transitioning to spring!) legs.. And I have to say it’s GREAT on the legs, whip it over, gets to hair off without any hassles! Spring ready!

The downside is that the moisturising strip which is great on my legs gets in the way for armpit use, all gooey and stuff. We’ll see if it gets better with time.

aug2012 117


The winner of the fussy eater’s fruit box from Aussie Farmers Direct is Kylie with her comment:

I cannot eat peas or raw tomato. Tomato in any form except raw I can do. As such I don’t feed them to my kids. On the other hand, my kids have an aversion to chicken nuggets because, and I quote “That’s NOT chicken, there’s no bones!”. If they can’t recognise the food, they won’t eat it. I have no idea where this has come from, but it as made life interesting for the grandparents who try to “spoil/treat” them and my kids turn their noses up at the junk food.



So, I won this from Mrs Woog with the most inane comment ever:

And I’m, to use the words of Justin Norris, stoked. (Bogan, hey? Yeah, takes one to know one :p)

I don’t use the stylus much, but I love the purrrty screen, and it’s so android and awesome.

And yes, its big, but I carry bags, so I so don’t care. :)

And I’ve been letting people choose their own ringtones… Whatcha reckon for Rish? ;)

I’m still in love with Shirley.


I received half a dozen of these little bottles as part of Product Talk by Nuffnang, I have not received payment for this post

DO NOT take how oily my hair looks in this photo as evidence of the use of this oil. I just haven’t washed my hair in close to a week. Because I’m slack like that at the moment.

So, I got half a dozen of these little bottles of Dove Nutri Oil Serum to play with and review. Threw one the way of my flatmate, who had only positive things to say, so positive she was lacking words when I asked for her opinion:

As far as I was concerned, I loved the smell, and it did reduce the frizz levels on my frizzy hair (think I used it two days post wash). And it was a great excuse to have Rish brush my hair :) *spoilt*

Do you use products like this on your hair? I have to admit to being super lazy, but you know, if it’s sitting there, it may well get used!