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Hello Kitty Madness

by Fiona on August 3, 2015 · 0 comments


In the space of 48 hours

I have new Hello Kitty Shoes….

Hello Kitty Vans

And a Toyota Camry Hello Kitty V6.

Hello Kitty Toyota camry


Hello Kitty Toyota camry

Hello Kitty Toyota camry

Like a V-six…


Retail Therapy

by Fiona on October 9, 2014 · 6 comments

Following a sucky Centrelink apt (yeah yeah, I’ll apply for things other than speech jobs, but if there are speech jobs there, I’ll still be applying for them as first call) I got some retail therapy in – Target, Big W, Best & Less, and Lifeline – to get a few more summer things….

Target Shoes

HUGE fan of Target’s ballet flats – I’ve worn through a lot of cheap, colourful shoes from this range over the last few years (this is a good thing)! Today I got the beige ones for $15, and the red and orange ones for $7 a pair!


A couple of cute Avella floral dresses – knee length and sleeveless ready for summer – from Big W for $25 each. I wanted to buy another one – a long atrappy maxi dress in blue – but someone had ripped a few seams presumably while trying it on, and there was only one in that size :(

Hi Lo dress from Best and Lesshilodress1

Another couple of spaghetti strap summer “Hi-Lo” dresses from Best & Less – I do like how the women’s range goes through from size 8 to something in the 20s while still having cute designs and the same prices – $20 in this case!!! (and are comfy!)


Then $4 well spent on a pair of shoes that was originally $130 according to its inside sticker!

Finally getting the sickly sweet grape  spray!!

And I FINALLY got me some sickly GRAPE Hello Kitty Body Spray ($3 this week instead of $5 at Chemist Warehouse!)

Get any bargains lately? Or some retail therapy?

(much needed!!!)



Went to see Tijuana Cartel at the Oxford Art Factory again on Friday night. Got me some dancing in, and even wore appropriate shoes for the job, even if they did get soaked through walking from the Pitt Street mall to Oxford street. A little time under the hand dryers helped a little, but while I dried off, I did get told twice at the Colombian to put my shoes back on :p

cleavage ninja
Cleavage Ninja from Shana Logic

Hello Kitty Vans
Hello Kitty Vans

jan2013 621
Hello Kitty Bag

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Swarovski Earrings

hair stars
Twist in Hair Stars

and of course the sparkly nail stickers

jan2013 239


Need to start wearing heels again

by Fiona on November 19, 2012 · 0 comments


I emptied out a bag of shoes that I’d had packed away since I moved back to Newcastle at Easter…. think I need to get wearing heels again this party season!!!


Shh, my feet so aren’t on the train seat!

Yes, yes, when I go to the gym, I’m usually getting around in last year’s runners and something I picked up on sale, but it’s nice to see what pretty and comfory things are out there!

The following is a sponsored guest post by ASOS

Sports fans are in for a real treat this year with huge events just around the corner. Spurred on by the constant bombardment of athletes in adverts now is a brilliant time to get fit and healthy. One of the silly little niggles that often stops us from heading straight to the gym is the fear that we will look just a tad out of place in a sweatband that hasn’t seen the light of day for a good few years now.
But don’t worry, “sports luxe” as the designers like to call it, is firmly back on the fashion radar so you will have no problem finding an outfit that you feel comfortable and stylish in, which will boost your confidence and most importantly spur you on to lose weight, get back in shape after having a baby or just keep fit.
The first thing we need to think about when heading back to the gym is our footwear. If trainers haven’t graced your wardrobe in a long while well now is the time to invest in a brand new pair as ill-fitting and unsupportive shoes can lead to a serious ankle injury, and that wouldn’t be the best idea to make a good impression now would it? The great news is that even our favourite sports brands are becoming more fashion forward and running trainers can now be found in gorgeous pastel colours that are a huge hit on designer catwalks everywhere. (You will probably want to wear them all the time!)

So, our feet are sorted but what about the rest of our outfit? The dilemma is do we want to wear leggings, sweatpants or shorts? If you are self-conscious of your legs sweatpants may be the ideal solution for you as they will cover you up and will skim over any lumps and bumps you would rather conceal. Leggings are great if you don’t want your legs covered but don’t want excess material flapping about on the treadmill. For leg confident ladies shorts are great as they will keep you cool and cycling shorts are particularly on trend. To really stand out from the crowd neon is bound to get you noticed.

Nearly there now, all that is left is what to wear on top? A cropped sweatshirt is great if you want to run outdoors and the weather is a little chilly, although you may need more than a little body confidence to pull it off. For a more classic look choose a simple polo shirt or a camisole and you have your fitness look sussed.

Once you have your confidence boosting get up you will be ready to hit the gym, or even just the park for a purse friendly jog (when the weather permits), so get to it and let’s start the new season in a healthy style.

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Day One

by Fiona on August 1, 2011 · 6 comments

New work shoes

Off to orientation day today, like the first day of school, only I’m being paid to be there.

A little nervous of course, but excited!


(They even send text message reminders to go! As well as a phone call on Friday to remind me to take my ID along like my passport and drivers licence)

How organised!

Don’t forget that 31 photos in 31 days kicks off again today! Remember to get snapping! I’m not sure yet if I have a theme, maybe something to do with Sydney…. hmmm


Rocking the Keds

by Fiona on November 11, 2010 · 5 comments

Rocking the keds

A lime green pair of Keds I got a couple of years ago on sale. Perfect for slipping on to walk to theshops for a loaf of bread.


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