Back to it

Where do I start? I’m still looking for a job. Part time, preferably. For my sanity. I re-enrolled in uni. Master of Applied Linguistics. Which means relearning Syntax. And how to write essays. I still live with my parents, and my sister and her kids. Which I’m grateful for after we nearly lost her last […]

Hitting a Wall

Hit a bit of a wall today. Conflict scares me, and while I can feel those feelings (red shapes) I don’t wanna look over the wall to remember the actual memories/events that these were. All the while my therapist (brown star of David) is nudging me over saying “go on, take a peek!” while the […]

Sitting with my uncomfortable feelings.

Yesterday’s session was intense. (No wonder I needed 14hours sleep) Sitting with my emotions for close to an hour. The occasional distraction, but mostly there with them. The sick feelings that come at times of fear. Body tensed up, shallow breathing. Tight. Crushed. Talking through the thoughts that go with those feelings. And my frustration […]